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Live blogging from the CivEnergy City Council Forum


Here is a brief summary of each candidate's positions on the questions asked. These are my paraphrases, not quotes - I did the best I could, typing on a cranky iPad!

I left off opening statements in what follows; the four questions that I blog about below are:

  1. Unique food identity for Davis?
  2. Instance of one City decision making process and your evaluation of it.
  3. One issue in your platform, why important, how you will address
  4. Closing remarks 

Ezra Beeman

  1. I do business development professionally. I would first understand the nature of the demand, where is the competition positioning, what is our competitive advantage. Focus on organic food and wine, our strengths.  Role of City is to remove barriers for business to establish themselves. Davis has excellent food already, so we just need to build on that.
  2. Valley Clean Energy - first, they got together a group of experts, which Davis is blessed with, then, the City looked to solve a regional opportunity on a regional basis. Excellent source of future revenue, drive more sustainable energy.
  3. Fiscal sustainability, like valley clean energy.  Better harness UCD professors. On cost side, look at efficiency, benchmarking. Control unnecessary costs. 
  4. Work together as a community to solve problems. Everyone showing up today is a good sign.

Mary Jo Bryan

  1. Focus on bring ag stories, our heritage, to Davis.  Include cultural communities.  Have panels of people to tell their stories, have these downtown.  Downtown could be a destination based on this. Reflect cultural diversity. Cooking demonstrations.
  2. Sterling project- came up fast. We were not notified properly, put us behind the eight ball.  Out of sorts with the general plan, neighbors didn't know how to react. At the end, they wanted us to support it, what it would take. But this was a loss of Family First. 
  3. Need for more planning, instead of piecemeal planning. Citizens review of general plan, housing needs. How to build on expensive land? Need affordable homes.
  4. I know how the City works. 

Dan Carson

  1. We have a lot of innovation and food to be proud of. We need more interesting food choices, though.  How do we get people to linger after Farmers Market?  Integrate cafe into 3rd and B building, farm to fork.  Encourage businesses to spin off from Farmers Market.  Work on general plan, community gardens.
  2. Taxes on the ballot-- Finance and budget commission weighed in. But there was a limit to what we could achieve. You need someone on CC with relevant F&B experience. 
  3. Improve UCD relationship. Two way working relationship. Cut same kind of deals as other communities have. How can we help them succeed? Look out for each other's interests.
  4. We can work together as a community to solve problems.  Not everyone is comfortable going to CC.

Linda Deos

  1. Build community downtown. People go elsewhere because Davis is lacking things, especially sit down restaurants.  Outdoor eating. Build relationship with UCD .
  2. Voices of commissions aren't being heard. Developers should go to commissions.
  3. Provide entry level housing in our community. We lack these. Work with developers in that size 900-1100.  Essential for working professionals. A lawyer is a good person to push UCD.
  4. I am passionate about representing everyone in Davis to the best of my ability.

Eric Gudz

  1. Barrier to fostering culinary scene downtown is unaffordability of living in Davis. More people will allow for a better food scene. 
  2. Bicycle commission. Unitrans. We did a good job with this. Proposed programs, made recommendations to Council. Budget.
  3. I am the only renter who is running. Need to ensure we don't lose other renters, need to bolster renter protections. Pathway for young professionals.  Allow land subdivision. 
  4. I have the necessary experience and passion to get everyone closer to Davis dream.

Larry Guenther

  1. Coordinate with UCD.  We have a lot of infrastructure that we need to improve food scene, like Farmers Market. Capitalize on our existing strengths.
  2. Lincoln 40- commissions and their input was heard, community input was heard, but took a huge step from applicant. Collaborative, community based project. Reward good actors, not bad actors. 
  3. I don't like to think of any one issue in a vacuum. Downtown issues are a microcosm. Do the downtown right, we  get affordable small housing, we get business downtown, helps economic development, reduces carbon footprint, improve quality of life. 
  4. Most CC decisions are land use and finances, they affect everything. Need to work together to solve.

Gloria Partida

  1. Where would go for wine tasting in Davis?  We don't have cohesiveness, we have great places to eat, but not for sit down. Restaurants are geared toward young people. Invest in places near to neighborhoods.
  2. Community input is important. Parcel tax decision - they got input, thought down the road, not put things on future generations. Good process.  Thought carefully. Difficult decision, important for CC to be brave. 
  3. Our relationship with the university is key. Needs to be productive for us and for them. There are models, what other towns are doing. Drive economic development up, help us be financially solvent. Expand our tax base by building more homes. We have to be collaborative in how we do that, as well as brave.
  4. My community involvement, evidence based decision making, quality and integrity.

Luis Rios

  1. Davis downtown has a lot of potential.  There are empty storefronts. E St. Plaza could be resurfaced. Use existing places as anchors. Work on UCD partnerships.
  2. Homelessness- This is a serious problem in Davis. The city needs to be more proactive on this issue. Davis community needs to come together and give more support. Help folks who don't have much. 
  3. Housing crisis, smart planning, convene realtors, developers, all stakeholders, build homes for people to live in, for future generations, my children, your children. I am here because of small town flavor. 
  4. Work in state government for over twelve years. Believe in ethics, trust. Work with many departments.  

Mark West

  1. Davis already has a vibrant downtown, but not a lot of restaurants to sit down and have a fine meal at. We need to support our downtown food environment. We need more people living downtown.
  2. Creating new businesses in town, Hayatt House hotel. CC tried to pick winners and losers, comparing projects, protect existing projects. We have to stop doing this, let new businesses in. Neighbors were obstructionist. Decisions need to be quicker.
  3. We have an $8 mil. deficit, City finally admitting it. We have to increase revenues, more business development, new jobs, allow businesses to expand in town. Implement past plans. Time to start building business.
  4. I want Davis to be a place you can stay and grow a family.  Need opportunity for people, get away from protectionist mindset.  

For more information on each candidate, including answers to other questions that each candidate submitted, see the Civenergy website.


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