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Lukewarm and half-hearted support for Nishi from the Davis City Council

Ezra & Larry for City Council: Preserving Measure R, the Citizen's Right to Vote

Beeman_family Guenthers-croppedBy Robert Milbrodt

The single most important issue in this city council election is The Citizens Right to Vote, Measure J/R. This measure was approved by voters in June 2000 as Measure J; and renewed in June 2010 as Measure R with about 77% of the vote. Essentially it requires voter approval for projects that would convert our open space or agricultural land to urban use.

A 10-year renewal of this measure will automatically appear on the ballot in June 2020. We deserve council members who will support its renewal, and who will incorporate its democratic and community-oriented values into the city’s decision making. We are better served by council members who share these core values. Either the candidates believe in community-based governance, or they don’t.

Of the nine candidates for city council: one has consistently opposed the Citizen’s Right to Vote, four stated their early opposition to this measure and are now waffling, two are willing to entertain “amendments” without being specific, and two are steadfastly supportive of the measure in principle and in practice. These two supportive candidates are Ezra Beeman and Larry Guenther.

They have made my decision easy, and I urge you to join me in voting for Ezra Beeman and Larry Guenther for City Council.



Well put Bob.

David Sutton

"our" ag land? What happened to private property? In another era I would quote "dictatorship of the proletariat" as the defining direction of this couple. Do I get to vote on people's property usage in the city? We already have a plethora of zoning and traffic impact laws in place. They do seen to have frustrated a reasonable housing replacement for some time...

Bob Milbrodt

As I am sure you know, property ownership is not an absolute right, it is subject to the terms the government creates. In a democracy that means we the people. So yes, it is "our" agricultural land, open space land, residential land, industrial land, commercial land, etc. Measure J/R merely requires a majority vote of the community for the City changing agricultural and open space land to urban uses. It is an accountability tool. It is not a planning tool, it does not regulate zoning, and it does not require a vote for land uses consistent with zoning.
You seem to want more housing, which is fine.. but in a democracy, that is a decision for the community. I'm not sure what you are espousing, perhaps just your own frustration. I'm espousing democracy.

Donna Lemongello

The owners of the Ag land have the right to use it as such, but not the right to convert it to a use other than that for which they knew it was intended and ZONED when purchasing it.

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