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Update - Carson campaign posts Partida signs

Partida and Carson City Council Campaigns Working Together?

06Willows2Spotted today - a gentleman putting up Partida and Carson signs at multiple locations in a car emblazoned with both City Council candidates logos.

On April 2nd at the Davis Chamber of Commerce PAC City Council Candidates Forum all of the candidates where asked who they would be casting their second vote for. Both Dan Carson and Gloria Partida declined to state. Today however someone was spotted putting up signs for both candidates.

The Gentleman drove a car with custom emblems for both Partida and Carson adhered to it's sides, Partida on the driver side and Carson on the passenger side.

This appears to be a specific example of coordination between the Carson and Partida Campaigns.



Partida and Carson signs where added to Gudz and Yes on Measure J signs at Chautauqua apartments 


Gudz and Yes on J signs were present at  Chatauqua Apartments before the Carson and Partida Signs arrived. The individual pictured was only putting up Carson and Partida signs.


Here the individual caries a Partida sign while posting a Carson sign at the Chaperral Apartments.


The individual placing the signs drove a car with a Carson emblem secured to the passenger side. In this photo he drives from Chautauqua apartments to Casita Apartments.

This photo shows the passenger side Partida emblem while the car is parked in front of the Willows apartments.


Here he places a Carson sign at Adobe apartments.


In this photo both Carson and Partida signs can clearly be seen as the Gentleman  prepares to post them at Willow apartments.


Jim Frame

I don't know that it matters, but the gentleman's identity isn't a secret:

Todd Edelman

What's the process for how apartment complexes agree to post signs like these? Is there a process... or are any signs just put up by request for (informal) freedom of speech reasons? (Obviously, it's hard to tell whom in this context....)


Generally signs in front of a complex like this demonstrates an endorsement by the apartment complex owner of the candidates. The landlords at all of these complexes, the people CHARGING the rent endorse Gudz, Partida and Carson.

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