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Are the Woodland Daily Democrat, the Davis Enterprise, and the Sacramento Bee to be trusted in their endorsements?

News-stock-photoBy M E Gladis

Apparently the editorial staff of the Woodland Daily Democrat, the Davis Enterprise, and the Sacramento Bee, three of the newspapers that have endorsed the current Yolo County district attorney, support a 41% rate of felony trials which end in acquittal by juries or dismissal by judges.This 41% rate is more than double the state average. Could a county supervisor please let the voters of Yolo County know how many millions of dollars of taxpayer money is wasted on these futile efforts of overcharging by the current district attorney?

It would seem these editorial staff, also appreciate direct file, which is a charge as an adult on a youth. Since 2013, 93% of direct files have been against Hispanic youth.What is behind this bias of overcharging the Hispanics? It would seem a civilian oversight of the current district attorney is in order.

While 63% of jail and prison inmates are diagnosed with a mental illness, these editorial staff perhaps truly want the prisons and jails to house and dis-serve the mentally ill. The current district attorney in Yolo County has instituted a “mental health court” that obviously underserves mentally ill individuals. Or is it that mentally ill individuals must plead guilty to a felony, perhaps not even committed, before gaining access to the mental health court?

These newspaper staff must be okay with the wrong-headed policy of asset forfeiture, which is the taking of money and other property by law enforcement from individuals when they are arrested.There was a recent incident when $58,000 in cash was taken from an individual. These assets are rarely, if ever returned to the individuals, whether they are convicted or not.

Perhaps these three editorial staff approve of police killing in broad daylight a young Hispanic who was on his way to meet his mother.The current district attorney reasoned that the shooting in the back of young Luis Gutierrez to kill him by the Woodland police undercover pretending to be three “gang members” was justified. Did not the respected Cruz Reynoso, retired California Supreme Court justice, investigate this incident and end up with different findings? Oh, and were these same three officers directly afterwards rewarded with promotions?

I happened to be in the company of two attorneys from outside Yolo County several months ago and asked if they knew of a law enforcement officer who could run for Yolo County sheriff? In unison they responded that I need not worry about replacing the sheriff, but the current district attorney is known 300 miles around Yolo County for overcharging.That he should be the top priority to replace. Would not the editorial staff of these three newspapers be aware of this aspect of the current Yolo County district attorney whom they each have endorsed?

Are the editorial staff of the Woodland Daily Democrat, the Davis Enterprise, and the Sacramento Bee to be trusted in their endorsements? What do you think?

M E Gladis is a concerned voter in Yolo County.


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