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Follow up: Partida and Carson Campaign collaboration

06Willows2The Davisite received several emails and comments about the recent stories about possible coordination between the Partida and Carson City Council campaigns and we feel it is important to answer a few questions and address concerns.


One writer stated that the article "seems to suggest something underhanded was being exposed."

Posting campaign signs is an important exercise of freedom of speech. The Davisite photos show nothing underhanded.

One writer raised concerns that the Davisite was targeting the campaign volunteer in the photos.

Our photographers stumbled across the individual in the process of putting up Partida and Carson signs while out taking photos of the signs that have been placed at Tandem Properties. The individual's identity was only learned after we received information that the Carson campaign Facebook page posted his picture.

The question was raised  if campaigns are allowed to work together.

There is nothing to prohibit campaigns from working together. It is notable that these 2 campaigns are working together because both Partida and Carson declined to endorse any other candidate at the Davis Chamber PAC Forum last month. All 7 other candidates indicated a preference for another candidate. It is notable that the only 2 candidates that declined to state a preference are actually coordinating their campaigns at some level.

Dan Carson went further at the Chamber PAC forum stating that he viewed stating a preference for another candidate amounted to negative campaigning and that his campaign would not engage in negative campaigning.

The question was also raised as to the "the process for how apartment complexes agree to post signs like these? Is there a process... or are any signs just put up by request for (informal) freedom of speech reasons?"

Some Davis apartment owners regularly put out campaign signs. It is at the sole discretion of the apartment owners as to what signs they put out.


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