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Linda Deos for Davis City Council

I support Linda Deos for Davis City Council, not because she is a friend, not because she serves on the Yolo County Health Council, not because she has a rescued dog (although I enjoy dogs immensely), and not because she helped a church member pro bono.

I support Linda Deos for Davis City Council because she has the skills that will benefit the Davis community. In her civil litigant work she has developed a keen sense of what leads individuals, small businesses and mid-sized companies, as well as cities to bankruptcy. City of Davis could benefit from her understanding of finances and cost containment.

Another reason I support Linda Deos for Davis City Council is that she is willing to meet with UCDavis department heads, both undergraduate and graduate student leaders, as well as with the chancellor in order to establish a positive relationship between the university and the City of Davis. She wants the university to build many more student housing units. If all else fails to inspire the university to build sufficient housing for their students, she is willing to sue the UCDavis for student costs to city taxpayers as other cities have done to their universities.

I support Linda Deos for her dedication to being independent. She will not be taking sides in “no growth” vs expansion. She is taking no money from developers or cannabis businesses. She is interested in what is best for the Davis community. She listens to residents from all areas of our community. She wants the City Council to be gatekeeper, not a rubber- stamper, for city issues such as a coherent streamlined system for downtown development, for entry level housing, for maintenance of roads, bike lanes, and greenbelts, and other projects that foster a sustainable city.

I so support Linda Deos’ notion of working together to address issues like disappearing shops and green spaces, and rising rents. As well, she wants to work with the university to have their intellectual talent benefit Davis. She proposes using their electric vehicles to travel frequently on our main arteries to and from the downtown area to carry people, rather than the large buses that are suitable for getting students to and from campus.

I support Linda Deos for Davis City Council because she listens to others, she is amiable, and she remains focused on the vision for our community well-being. Linda Deos has experience for bringing all sides together as

she lets them see the benefit to all sides. Linda Deos has pared back on her work schedule to serve the community of Davis. She enjoys Davis and will work on the Davis City Council to forge a vision for all community members to benefit from City Council decisions.

M E Gladis, Davis voter


Nora Oldwin

Well said, M E! We do need to remember that those we elect will become part of an existing council; and that the elected person- irrespective of his or her stated positions on different matters - needs those coalition-building skills that many of the candidates, including Linda, have. To my mind, Linda's willingness to reconsider her positions and even decide to change them as she learns more about the issues is something that gives me confidence that she's open, and that she is listening.

Dan Cornford

Perhaps Ms. Gladis or Linda Deos herself could tell us where and when Linda Deos said: " she is willing to sue the UC Davis for student costs to city taxpayers as other cities have done to their universities."

In general Linda Deos is, to say the least, very ambiguous, vague, and non specific on development issues which perhaps explains why she has the endorsement of the Davis Chamber of Commerce and the Davis Democrats???!!!

As for measure J/R and whether to extend, modify or repeal it, the Flatlander (Page 23) said this in its recent issue: "Linda said she wanted to repeal the Citizen Right to Vote, Measure J/R. Then she asserted that it should be amended, without explaining how. Now she says she supports the measure and wants to make it stronger."

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