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Dean Johansson for Yolo County District Attorney

What's Up Davis Enterprise

I submitted a letter to the editor about our group, Yolo County Progressives, endorsing Linda Deos and Ezra Beeman.

I received the following reply:

“Hello. The editor will want to include specific names of individuals if you want to run this as a letter to the editor. We don’t run letters to the editor from organizations.”

So I reworded the letter to fit a press release with our Yolo County Progressives logo. I stopped in the office and the staff at the front took my page of the press release and went to speak to someone. Then the staff returned and reported that he said they would print the press release.

So In the Friday Davis Enterprise under letters to the editor appears the exact letter to the editor that I had submitted on their link after which I received the above reply.

I’m guessing you can not take the word of Davis Enterprise Editors or staff as reliable.

M E Gladis, Chair
Yolo County Progressives


Dan Cornford

It, alas, gets much worse than this. Here is what I wrote on Nextdoor last week after hearing from one of our leaders in the fight against NIshi 2.0:

" I think the issue with the DE goes beyond this. And in this context I would like to highlight one in particular. I usually disagreed with the political views of Debbie Davis and the DE (and still do), but Debbie went out of her way to be fair and to always publish opposing view be they Op-Eds or letters. Moreover, in doing so I always found her unfailingly courteous and efficient. It has recently come to my attention from another contributor to the DE that apparently that policy no longer holds as the new editor will not publish an Op-Ed on an important issue in our upcoming elections despite having published far more Op-Eds and letters on the other side of the issue."

I am seriously thinking of canceling my sub (that I have had for 18 years when I first arrived in Davis) to the DE when it expires in August with a letter to the owners and editors explaining why. Perhaps others are thinking the same???

Eileen Samitz

First, I greatly appreciate that the Davisite welcomed my op-ed. While I appreciate the Enterprise publishing my brief letter on this critical issue, I am disappointed that they, instead, would not publish my op-ed which summarizes this very important issue.

Luanna Villanueva

I’ve noticed the one sidedness of the letters to the editor published concerning the Yolo County District Attorney race (usually 2 to 1; sometimes 3 to 1). There is no place for this kind of policy in the only print newspaper in Davis. I’m ready to cancel my subscription. The new editor needs to wake up before he loses the rest of his readership. Being “fair and balanced” in letters to the editor and op-ed pieces during a local race is an important policy.


At least one letter to the editor supporting Dean for DA has actually gone missing from the DE website: It is no longer to be found on

Either the author had DE pull the letter, which seems doubtful, or, more troubling, the newspaper is now suppressing voices of dissent. Perhaps other letters to the editor in support of this candidate have been removed - this is one that I just happened to notice. I think there is a problem here, too.


I want to add, I find the social media presence of the new editor to be very off-putting and sneering. Here is one example:

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