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Looking for feedback on new app to support local businesses in Davis

HeynearbyHey Davis Neighbors,

My son Will has been working on a mobile app (called HeyNearby) to support local businesses in Davis. It’s early days but he’s looking for people to give it a try.

Here’s a quick summary of what it does:

It allows you to save and share all your favorite businesses in town. Once you have your list, you never have to search again.

You can take the “Town Quiz”, which allows you to add any shops, restaurants or services (in Davis as well as in any work or vacation spots).

You can give “Kudos” to your favorites. This let’s everyone know why you think a business is special. Since everyone’s a critic these days, they are trying to highlight the positives.

Lastly, you can also invite your friends to the app so we can all share our favorites. That way, whether you’re looking for an electrician, plumber, music teacher, or anything else, you can just see what your friends recommend.

A lot of us already use Yelp and Google and Nextdoor, but with HeyNearby they’re trying to find ways to support local businesses and give people an easier way to connect with their favorites here in town.

My son is looking for feedback in the following areas:

1) How easy is it to sign up and get started?

2) What do you find helpful within the app?

You can provide any feedback here or get in touch with my son Will directly at hello@heynearby.com

Lisa and Will Boyce

Download HeyNearby for iOS at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heynearby-for-davis-blasts/id1187441541?mt=8

Android app is coming soon!



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