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Begin Big Change with Leif in Motion

Clowning Around“Victoria Secret” I blurted.
The room erupted in robust laughter.
My stomach turned as my face went red.

By Carey Ann Hunt

            For years I have shied away from speaking in public or doing anything to put myself out there in a theatrical sense. I clearly recall a particularly awkward moment one evening in eighth grade.  I was invited to a High School Shakespeare play reading event. The 11th grade boy I had a huge crush on was there.  Giddy with nervous enthusiasm, sweaty palms and a constant blush I mistakenly blurted out Victoria Secret instead of Victoria Station, when it was my turn to read and of course the room exploded in fits of laughter. It took a really long time for people to regain composure. Nerves, laughter, and the genuine dislike of audiences made me want to push that button that makes the floor drop down under me, rapidly opening into a hallway leading to an inconspicuous exit route. The button didn’t work.  I not only was still there I had to continue reading my part.

             Comedic moments at the expense of human error is inevitable.  When I attended Leif in Motion ( ) first free Playshop (as opposed to a Workshop) titled Begin Big Change! I decided to let my curiosity override my trepidation of anything coming close to making a show of myself.  There were definitely instances where I wished I could have pushed that exit stage left button again. The button we want to push when we want so deeply to avoid the feeling of vulnerability that arises when we come face to face with those powerful inner challengers.  To some people in the Playshop, acting seemed to come quite naturally, while others seemed to experience the need to take themselves by the hand.  Leif in Motion Thomas Sterling’s Clown name) has exactly the right approach and offers people a place of comfort to explore new territory. In exploring new territory lie myriad of opportunities for transformation.  If we are truly ready for change, we might invite ourselves to step out and look around. 

Clown feet            Leif invited us to feel variety of feelings, we explored the feeling of love, jealousy, and confidence. We moved through the room and engaged with other participants while acting out these dichotomous emotions. Each feeling manifested itself in a different way. Love is so warm and open. Jealously is so cold and closed. Confidence is somewhere midway between these two feeling places.

            In the Playshop we amused ourselves with the curiosity of the Clown and the wisdom of the Shaman. Together the two qualities mingled in mischievous ways, bending funny circles around our intellects, shedding light into our darkness, inviting us to dive into places that often bar us from moving forward. Looking at our areas of discord brings more harmony.  Therein lies the healing, the connecting of pieces, placing them in ways that feel much better.  This brings more harmony and begins to shift the experience of being alive. Tweaking our way of thinking can have profound benefits. It can really help each of us to get out of our own way. (love this, again just be consistent with the tenses, you alternate back and forth).

             Clowns, Shamans, and emotional healing are deeply rooted in human history. Leif in Motion has synthesized two very powerful healing modalities and created his own gift to offer people who are interested in stepping into a more curious and authentic way of being. He knows how to guide people into a wonderful journey of fun self-exploration.

            Even though I initially was feeling shy and not at all in my comfort zone, I am really glad I attended the Begin Big Change! Playshop. I have found that healing and self-development happens in layers and in stages and certainly believe that pushing through areas of discomfort is an essential part our human adventure.

            Be on the lookout for Leif in Motion’s exciting upcoming events. Like him on Facebook, if that’s something you do. ( ) Or visit his website for further information. ( )

 Illustrations by Carey Ann Hunt

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Donna Lemongello

Nice story, and go Tom.

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