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Melissa Moreno Has Support of Educational Leaders

I am writing to express my strong support of Melissa Moreno for the position of Yolo County Board of Education Trustee. The County Board of Education provides support for programs that serve our most vulnerable youth. Melissa’s combined life experience, community service, academic training, and professional experience make her ideally qualified for this position.

For the past eight years I have served as the Yolo County Board of Education Trustee for Area 2, the position Melissa now seeks. During a portion of this time, I also served on the California School Boards Association Delegate Assembly and the California County Boards of Education Board of Directors. This service has allowed me to see firsthand the requirements, challenges, and opportunities involved in the important work of county offices of education and county boards of education, locally and throughout California.

Melissa has herself participated in the programs for which a county office of education and board of education are responsible, including Head Start, migrant education, and English Language Learners. She then went on to earn a Ph.D. in Education and to devote herself to community service, education, and leadership.

Along with many others, I am particularly impressed by Melissa’s community service and the leadership she has shown in promoting equity and inclusivity in our local education system and in the broader community. She has worked with students and their families at all grade levels, has shown leadership in founding the Ethnic Studies program at Woodland Community College, and has played key roles in the Safe Yolo and Keeping Families Together resolutions in Yolo County.

In addition to being extremely well qualified to handle a trustee’s policy, appeal hearing and budgetary responsibilities, Melissa will be an effective, compassionate, and conscientious advocate for the youth served, and a strong community ambassador for these programs. She is also ideally suited to be an ambassador to and a model of achievement for many of the youth who participate in the programs supported by the County Board of Education.

Melissa Moreno’s unparalleled qualifications have earned her the support of educators and educational leaders in Yolo County. Along with my endorsement and that of many others throughout the community, she is supported by Yolo County Superintendent of Schools Jesse Ortiz; former County Superintendent of Schools Jorge Ayala; Yolo County Board of Education Trustee Cirenio Rodriguez; Davis School Board Trustee Alan Fernandes; former Davis School Board Trustees Madhavi Sunder, Gina Daleiden, Sheila Allen, and Tim Taylor; and numerous educators.

Please join us in voting for Melissa Moreno for Yolo County Board of Education Trustee on November 6th.

Bill Owens


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