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Professor Melissa Moreno for Yolo County Board of Education, Area 2

Dear Editor,

As a peace officer, I expected those who serve our communities, including peace officers and elected officials, to possess a deep and abiding desire to help people --all people, without hesitation or reservation. Professor Melissa Moreno possesses this essential quality, along with proven leadership in the field of education.

As an educational leader, Professor Moreno understands the value of cultural inclusivity, and has put this value into practice in her 25 years of educational service to students and families. In her work as a community college professor teaching Ethnic Studies, she excels as a teacher, mentor, and guide for students seeking cultural knowledge. She has lengthy experience as a community advocate, including advocating for community members in Yolo County by acting as a leader in developing the Safe Yolo resolution to protect immigrant families.

Members of the Yolo County Board of Education are expected to provide support for programs like Headstart, Yolo’s Continuation school, and programs for Juvenile Hall. Board members are community education ambassadors. All these functions and many more require someone like Professor Melissa Moreno who understands the strengths and needs of homeless youth, students with disabilities, and foster students. Professor Moreno’s extensive experience makes her well-qualified to serve on the Yolo County Board of Education.

Please join me on November 6, 2018 in electing a true role model and visionary leader for the Yolo County Board of Education.

Calvin Handy



Nora Oldwin

I agree with the letter writer, and am having a "meet/greet" for Professor Moreno this Wednesday from 7-9 at my house in east Davis. Please e-mail me to RSVP if you'd like to attend.
-Nora Oldwin

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