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Friends of the Sustainable Living and Learning Communities

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Dear Friend,

I just became a founding donor to start the Friends of the Sustainable Living and Learning Communities donor fund at UC Davis. This effort hopes to raise enough money to support two or more full fellowships a year, and continued program and infrastructure development for the part of campus including the Student Farm, The Domes, and the Tri-Co-ops. We have already raised a five-year commitment of over $80,000 - just under half of our goal – which is why I am reaching out to you to ask if you would consider joining use with a pledge of $100 or more.

Most of us have seen how much additional pressure today’s students are under. This fund-raising effort is intended to ensure that those pressures don’t mean an end to student creativity and community at UC Davis. Donations to this fund will be allocated 30% to the Sustainable Living and Learning Communities and  70% to the Green Fellowships. You may donate here.

Sustainable Living and Learning Communities

Since the 1970s students have used the 40 acres on the west side of campus including the Student Farm, the Domes, and the Community Gardens to explore new ideas and expand their understanding of the relationships between technology, sustainability, and social justice. This part of campus has survived with minimal physical development despite many attempts to bring it to other uses. The current programing and activities continue to serve a vital role in student life, but the full opportunity of this place is yet to be realized. In 2017 the Ag Sustainability Institute began a process of visioning a long-term future for the area resulting in a draft plan naming the place and associated programing: Sustainable Living and Learning Communities (SLLC).


This vision needs the enthusiastic support of people who understand the importance of a place where students can explore ideas in a community of peers who share the highest aspirations for justice and sustainability. Our opportunity is to protect the physical space, remove financial obstacles from students so they can learn in creative community, and offer mentorship.

Green Fellowships

The Green Fellowships are intended to provide students with significant financial and academic incentives to allow them pursue a project related to social justice, sustainability and community. The opportunity for two fellowships for the 2018-2019 academic year has just been announced. Publicity for students to apply to for Green Fellowships for academic 2019-2020 will begin this spring.

Open House During the 50th Anniversary of WEF

Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 10-12. We are planning an alumni and donor event at the SLLC during the Whole Earth Festival this spring with a presentation from the first Green Fellows, opportunities to meet current students working and living at the SLLC, and something involving food and dancing. Please let me know if you are interested in attending or if you have any questions.

In gratitude,

David Kupfer

Ag ef



Karen Kane

Wondering who is David Kupfer...associated with UCD? Davis resident? CV?
Thanks. Karen

Colin Walsh

Hi Karen,
David is a UCD alumni who lived in SLL Communities in the late 70's early 80's. He has long been a supporter of these programs, but currently has no formal relationship with UCD. David is also a long time member of the Davis Community and is a writer, whose work has appeared in The Progressive, The Sun, Bay Nature, Earth Island Journal, and Whole Earth. You can see some of his work here:

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