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Skewed Air Quality Logic

MaskAir quality management district forecasts an AQI of 168*: UCD cancels classes

Air quality management district forecasts an AQI of 174*: UCD holds classes

Brought to you by the same data-free logic that supported Nishi and dismissed the testimony of an internationally recognized air quality expert.


*AQI of 150-200: Unhealthy for all groups

UPDATE: At approximately 7:20 AM on Wed morning (Nov 14), the university sent out information say that the campus would be closed today after all, with the closure this time including most staff members (unlike Tuesday's closure which still had staff going on campus for some inexplicable reason).  Still unknown: Whether campus will be open on Thursday and Friday.  As of late morning, the National Weather Service is predicting "unhealthy for all groups" air for Thursday.

UPDATE 2:. N95 Masks Available

The Davis Fire Stations have N95 masks. The public is welcome to stop by any location to pick one up. Fire Station 31 is staffed and open 8am-5pm weekdays, and is the preferred pickup spot. However, residents can go to any of the fire stations. If the engine company is available and in quarters, they will distribute masks. The City is not restricting the number of masks or only limiting to at risk groups at this point.

Station 31 - 530 5th St
Station 32 - 1350 Arlington Blvd
Station 33 - 425 Mace Blvd



You should mention djusd too. They didn't cancel Tuesday. Many students walk or bike to school and back home.

Roberta L. Millstein

Good point, Duane. I was cringing watching kids biking to school today, no masks. And same will happen tomorrow. :(

Todd Edelman

Oh, DJUSD didn't cancel? It's obviously a lot more complicated even if involves a fraction of the UCD number. But it's absolutely clear that there needs to be an effective and safe program to address this.


Fortunately the Bay-Delta Supercounty Authority is using the new Safe Society law approved by voters on November 6th to ensure that only critical jobs and positions are filled for the rest of the week, and that everyone can stay home - e.g. with their kids - with the absence not counted against sick days or holidays, and includes payments to workers whose income is dependent on direct retail sales, such as small farmers, bar tenders, taxi drivers and servers at restaurants. - from the Davisite Dept of Smart Science Fiction

Todd Edelman

It's way beyond the opposite of logic, it's a Regional Jive Mind Kafka-to-Fork Apocalypse Clusterf*ck. UCD does this reversal or whatever. On their bulletin, it links to the main Spare the Air page which shows that in general terms the pollution yesterday and today is the same. YSAQMD has not put out a press release since November 9, or wait, they have, but it's not on their website: It was linked in a Next Door post by Yolo County health authorities. It suggests changing filters on home HVAC to at least MERV 8, but that type of filter is not effective on particles smaller than 2.5 microns - it mentions the much better MERV 12 and 13... but anyway there are so many diff sizes of filters that its more or less not possible to get them at Ace or Home Depot. Only online. 3M doesn't make a mask for children. Others are available only online and only by Monday. The Davis Farmers Market is closed. DJUSD schools are open.

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