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ERC residents
Residents of Eleanor Roosevelt Circle regularly meet with their on site Social Services Coordinator

By David Thompson

With your YES vote for Measure L, these low income seniors will get to stay and live in Davis. Otherwise, there are few places for them to go.

Davis Low Income Seniors are People by the Numbers

How many low income seniors will get a home in Davis?

This energy flowing through my senior years comes directly from the Davis Community through the Eleanor Roosevelt Circle, thank you. Davis is a uniquely qualified community to establish new models of senior housing. Please vote yes on Proposition L to house more seniors.”

Diane C. Evans, Davis

150 apartments will be built in Davis for low-income seniors
150 apartments is the minimum that will be built not the maximum
170 low income seniors and caregivers will live in those 150 apartments
129 of those 170 seniors will be single elderly females*
63 of the 170 seniors (37%) will be minorities*
37% of the 170 seniors (22%) will be seniors with defined disabilities*
The average age will be 75 years old*
One third of the apartments will be for seniors with incomes below $13,000 a year
All the 150 senior apartments can accommodate a live in caregiver
All 150 apartments are handicapped accessible with roll in showers

How many low-income senior are there on wait/interest lists in Davis?

“I am one of many active seniors whose name is on the long Davis senior housing wait lists. As the years tick by, my name moves up a place or three; but, having I started at 89th on the list, my chances are very slim to nonexistent that I will move into one of these units. Having lived and worked in Davis for over 20 years, Davis is my home. I am an example of many Davisites on these waiting lists. Please vote for Measure L — a new sustainable community that will enhance Davis.”

Cecily Bailey, Davis


Number of affordable senior units in the table above should be 228 not 208

127% is the 12 month growth of the wait lists – from 186 in 2016 to 423 in 2017
Wait lists for Davis affordable senior housing run from three to five years
There are already 60 additional low income seniors on the interest list for the DSHC affordable apartments at WDAAC
This brings the total of the five lists to 483 low income seniors
YES on Measure L would increase low income senior apartments from 228 to 378

WDAAC* Number 1 in Affordable Housing in Davis

“I do not understand the massive false attacks by the No on L people on the critical needs of low income seniors and the 150 affordable senior apartments that will be their home if Measure L passes.”

Joan Axelson, Davis

27% of all the doors at WDAAC will be opened by low income seniors
The largest parcel of land ever given for affordable housing (approx 4 acres)
The most valuable parcel of land ever donated for affordable housing (approx $4 million)
The highest value of improvements ever for affordable housing
The largest number of affordable apartments ever built within a Davis development
The highest % of low income apartments of any development in Davis
The developer has exempted all the DSHC low income seniors from ever paying HOA (Home Owner Association) monthly fees

If No on Measure L passes what is the future for low income Davis seniors?

“Without the passage of Measure L, these 150 units of affordable senior housing will not be built in the foreseeable future and our current lack of housing options and income inequality will continue.”

Elizabeth Lasensky, Davis

Waiting lists are growing in numbers and getting longer due to low income seniors being a fast growing part of the Davis population
We have only 228 low income senior apartments in Davis to meet the tsunami
Eleanor Roosevelt Circle (ERC) was the last low income senior project proposed in Davis and that was years ago in the mid 1990’s.
If DSHC does not get built at WDAAC no other low income senior housing is planned
Even if another low income senior project was immediately proposed it would be a minimum of seven to eight years before seniors could move in
There is now only one convalescent home that takes in low-income seniors in Davis. Courtyard Health Care is 112 units. Sierra Health Care on Poleline Road, with 128 beds closed down about four years ago. This halved the number of beds for low income seniors in Davis. Elderly patients at Sierra Health were transferred to Woodland and as far away as Grass Valley.

Please Vote YES for Measure L

* These statistics replicate the current low income senior population at Eleanor Roosevelt Circle, 675 Cantrill, Davis.

For more information, go to www.npllc.org and to; www.westdavisactive.com

David J. Thompson is with Neighborhood Partners, LLC. Davis


Rik Keller

It’s a real shame that David Thompson has been compelled to do a full-court press to promote the WDAAC project while the actual project developers have recently been completely absent from the conversation. What we get is material like this that says we ought to approve the project for the 5% of the site that will be donated for affordable housing with no guarantees that it will ever be built, while the developers get their luxury sprawl enclave on the vast majority of the site. Davis deserves better than this cynical manipulation.

The No on WDAAC campaign strongly supports affordable housing but not for what the developers of this project are asking for in exchange. Davis can do far better. Let's send this project back to the drawing board and get a project that addresses Davis' housing needs in a much more comprehensive manner. NO ON L.

David J Thompson

Dear Rik:

You said, "... that will be donated for affordable housing with no guarantees that it will ever be built..."

Based upon our over twenty years track record - this affordable housing will be built. www.npllc.org/projects.

Why do you need to convince the Davis public that "affordable housing will never be built".

I doubt that tactic is going to help affordable housing in Davis?

You should be defending the excellent record of inclusive affordable housing development in Davis.

We do.

David J Thompson
Neighborhood Partners LLC.

Donna Lemongello

Because even if the low income housing is built (and yes David, I do believe they'll follow through on the 150 units) it is a drop in the bucket and the rest is exclusive unaffordable housing on ag land that should not be taken out of commission. The only way to even approach a shot at "affordable" housing is small and dense, since costs of building are simply not going to budge. I also do not agree with, and doubt it is legal, to reserve most of the housing for people who are already Davis residents or their associates.

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