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DavisGIG survey concerning publicly-owned Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure

Fiber-optics-internet(From press release) DavisGIG is a community group that is advocating for municipal ownership of Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure for Davis.

This would mean our community would invest in the construction of publicly-owned "tubes" to the Internet. Fiber Optic is the single best, most reliable Internet carrier cable. IT is the backbone of the Internet and is a necessary ingredient for forthcoming 5G Cell services. It lasts decades, and the lasers used to send Internet packets down the thin glass tubes are easy and cheap to upgrade and continuously improved. The City would lease access to this fiber to multiple ISPs, entrepreneurs, cell phone companies, or other. This would give our municipality a new long term revenue source and asset. More importantly making this one time infrastructure investment gives connectivity for our schools, city buildings, for a one time NON MONTHLY RECURRING COST. More important than this, you can REDIRECT your monthly broadband payment, away from huge companies, back to the City in the form of lease fees ISPs will pay the community for the use of its fiber.

Many communities throughout the USA, seeing a lack of investment in high quality networks, and staggeringly high broadband prices, are seeing the need for a utility approach to Internet Access Infrastructure. We are no longer waiting for Internet infrastructure that is already available cheaply and effectively in the rest of the World.

As an important part of its process evaluating community fiber for Davis, the City's Task Force would love to hear your opinion. The City of Davis Broadband Advisory Task Force is presently assessing interest in a municipal broadband network for Davis.

DavisGIG has a short form survey at http://www.davisgig.org/survey – we are sharing these results with the Broadband Advisory Task Force at its February meeting on 2/27/19, and would like as many opinions as possible.

Please take some time to answer this poll, thanks for your support.


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