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Mace Mess


The “Traffic Calming” project on Mace Boulevard was unnecessary, was not properly presented to the residents of South Davis (especially the current residents), was obsolete and ill-conceived when the plan was completed in 2013, and since its installation has created massive congestion, dangerous traffic issues, more safety issues for the bicyclists and pedestrians it was purported to protect, rampant road rage, and in short has seriously disrupted the lives of all Davis residents and especially South Davis residents, as demonstrated by our daily experiences. 

Despite city planners’ insistence to the contrary, the changes to Mace have resulted in a situation where emergency vehicles will be unable to access neighborhoods and evacuations will be impossible to carry out.  No matter how many lights are flashing and how loudly the sirens wail, there is no place for gridlocked traffic to go to get out of first responders’ way.  When the area is gridlocked, side streets are also blocked, so there are no alternate routes for first responders either.  In some neighborhoods, the “improvements” have created issues for ADA access to vehicles, another safety concern.

MaceMess 4We are aware that there are other factors affecting the congestion, such as greatly increased commute traffic by people who are working in the Bay Area and Santa Rosa and now living in Sacramento.   WAZE is also a factor, but these factors cannot be used to excuse the City of Davis from fixing the Mace problem, which is under the City’s control and which has become critical. 

While we understand that it may be difficult for the City government to acknowledge errors in planning and implementing this “traffic calming” measure, it is vital that the errors be remedied effectively and immediately, regardless of additional costs, for the well-being and safety of all Davis residents. South Davis residents cannot be expected to let their children’s safety be compromised and their neighborhoods be ruined to save the City face and money. 

We require that Mace Boulevard be immediately restored to two lanes of traffic in both directions, with the creation of safe marked bike lanes adjacent to traffic lanes, and that right turn lanes be restored.  Residents of South Davis must be included in deciding how this is to be accomplished. We want to have input into the plans and we want to see and concur with any and all plans prior to their build-out. 

We further request that planning this redesign should not be used as an excuse to delay the prompt return to two traffic lanes both ways. Further, residents of South Davis will not accept cosmetic changes and signage as a substitute for restoration of two traffic lanes. We recognize that this restoration will take effort and commitment from our elected city officials and we thank you in advance for making Mace Boulevard again safe and efficient for all of us.

To Sign the petition please send me an email (casonia2@gmail.com) with "PETITION TO CITY OF DAVIS TO RESTORE MACE BOULEVARD TO TWO LANES (BOTH WAYS)" in the subject line, and in the message write: "I, FULL NAME, of NAME OF NEIGHBORHOOD intend this email as my signature to the PETITION TO THE CITY OF DAVIS TO RESTORE MACE BOULEVARD TO TWO LANES (BOTH WAYS).  


Char Henwood


Donna Lemongello

Good luck with that. The current transportation people are arrogant know-it alls wasting unbelievable amounts of money fixing stuff that ain't broke, removing right turn lanes all over the city (and they are planning more of that) who think their virtual alternate reality is how traffic really works. The amount of concrete removed and then poured in the last couple of years around here is just mind boggling.

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