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Paid Parking Resolution

ABCCEBC4-CBA7-4001-BC8A-562EAE12AB69The Davis City Council passed a resolution on Monday 3/25/2019 with detailed instructions to staff regarding parking downtown. The Davisite received the specifics of the resolution from the City Clerk on 3/29/2019. The specifics exactly as delivered to the Davisite are as follows: 



G. Partida moved, seconded by D. Carson, the following direction to staff on the implementation of paid parking:
  1. There shall be no on-street paid parking
  2. Paid parking lots shall include:
  • E Street Plaza Lot
  • Amtrak Train Depot Lot (free on weekends)
  • North F Street Lot (E-F-3rd-4th)
  • South G Street Lot
  1. Enforce paid parking requirements from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  Time-restricted parking will be enforced 10:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
  2. Two Additional Parking Enforcement Officers
  3. Procure Upgraded X Permit Management System
  4. Explore providing discounts for Yolo County residents at the Amtrak Train Depot Lot.
  5. Return to Council with an Ordinance (and corresponding Resolutions(s) as needed) to implement paid parking in specified parking lots and amend the effective hours of certain timed parking areas.  Ordinance/Resolution(s) shall include language that any revenue funds available, after fully recovering the cost of the parking system, will be used downtown (examples:  new surface parking and transit options).
  6. Return to Council with report on investigation of adding parking supply:
  1. Work with Old East Davis Neighborhood Association and Old North Davis Neighborhood Association on adding X permits in residential parking districts
  2. Consider appropriate number of 20-minute spots.  Covert some 20-minute spots to the timed restrictions as on the same block face where they are located.
  3. Consider relocating Jump Bike parking (not utilize on-street parking spot(s)
  4. Consider relocating Zip Car parking spots
  1. Return to Council with report on discussions of potentially adding surface parking and transit options with public agencies and private entity property owners, including: UC Davis, Unitrans, Capitol Corridor, Yolo Bus, Yolo Transportation Management Agency and relevant private parties located downtown.  Discussion with UC Davis to specifically include usage of the First and A Streets parking lot on evenings/weekends.
  2. Return to Council with analysis on best use/feasibility of Olive Drive (Richards Blvd. and Olive Dr.) parking lot, to include consideration of adding Jump Bike and Zip Car parking, and free 3-hour spots.
  3. Consider and return to Council with recommendations related to implementation of parking management consultant report recommendations, which may include taking advantage of the capabilities of technology, employee training, etc.
  4. Work with downtown business community regarding employee parking permit management.
  5. Upgrade technology/meter machines at E Street Plaza.
  6. Return to Council with analysis of a parking validation program.
  7. Consider a public ride share program
  8. There shall be no changes to the parking conditions surrounding Davis Community Church
  9. Rates shall be tiered/dynamic pricing (demand responsive)
  10. Return to Council with implementing documents as needed

Motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:      Carson, Frerichs, Partida, Lee

NOES:      None

ABSENT: Arnold (recused)



Todd Edelman

I like how The Onion hacked into your website... who is going to believe that the Council would vote directly against City goals to prioritize active transportation?! (Moving bike parking to the sidewalk takes space from pedestrians, and moving space for 5 to 10 visitors to as little as one (driver) is also anti-business!)

Can't make this stuff up, right?

I love how the parking lot with the worst, deepest access from most directions is fare-free on Saturday.

Someone needs to Councilsplain what's the actual general, strategic difference between streets and lots that are in the same area -- they are just part of the same grid. But thinking more micro: People driving cars on the street is more dangerous to people walking or riding bikes than is driving cars in lots, so to make the streets safer it would seem to be better to charge to use a space on them (and circle less), and to not charge or charge less in the lots (where circling is less dangerous to others).

Finally, I am sad that they left out self-driving pennyfarthings to take employees to and from peripheral X-Permit spots, which I am sure employees will use if asked nicely, because Davis.

Who wants to help me to hack the Downtown Davis website to remove the bicycle from their logo, because lying?

Again, the two big, foundational screw ups were that 1) This was not framed as "Accessing Downtown", i.e. counter-normalizing "you need a car", and 2) Using the term "paid parking", because all parking is paid.

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