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Bad traffic planning from the City

By Dan Cornford.

This city is just hopeless when it comes to traffic and traffic planning! It bases its growth plans (EIRs) on limited and outdated traffic surveys to begin with in order to hide the even worse congestion that will follow when current projects are built out.

The Mace fiasco is just one example of the city's hopeless traffic planning.

A microcosm of this is the situation now with 8th & L street closed (What the heck have they been doing on L street for ages?), and traffic on Covell one lane between F & Pole Line making east-west transit an ordeal with very few alternatives. Why do these same projects at the same time? Why do projects such as the one on the Covell bridge over rail line take an absurdly long time when I suspect that in many countries they could be done in a fraction of the time. Does the city monitor performance, or have late penalties or what?

Just wait till the build out of the West Davis Project and the traffic gridlock that will ensue as huge increase in traffic "fights" five lights in half a mile. It'll make the Mace situation look like a Davis picnic.

In my 19 years here I cannot recall the city being run as badly as it has been recently. All of this is epitomized by the fact that four members of the CC, including Mayor Brett Lee, will be the leading lights in the upcoming developer driven Davis Vanguard fund raiser. Don't bother to wake up Davis, the damage has been done!



Personally, I can "hardly wait" for the construction traffic (and/or permanent impacts of) Sterling, Lincoln 40, Nishi, WDAAC, Chiles Ranch, the "residentialization" of downtown, University Research Park, and University Mall developments (to name a few). Bonus points for MRIC!

With additional complications caused by increasing traffic on I-80 (and apps directing traffic onto streets), as a result of tens of thousands of additional houses planned for the region - in areas such as Natomas, Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove, etc. With no end in sight.

And that doesn't even account for the probable impacts of the new governor's plans - statewide.

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