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Students and Workers Celebrate May Day at UC Davis

UPTE-yds(From Press Release)

UC Davis students, workers, and campus organizations will come together in front of the Memorial Union on Wednesday, May 1st, from 12pm-1pm to celebrate ​May Day​. Live music will be followed by short speeches from various members of labor unions and student groups.

Over a century ago, workers in the U.S. decided that May 1st would be the day for a universal work stoppage. On May 1st, 1886, two hundred thousands workers left their jobs to demand an eight-hour work day. Workers around the world are still fighting for a better life. Here at UC Davis, workers in the union of technical and professional employees in the UC, UPTE, have recently held a strike over pension cuts, stagnating wages, and insufficient career job protections. Members of AFSCME, the union that includes custodians and food service workers on campus, have recently held a strike against unfair labor practices, accusing the UC administration of bribery and violating their right to strike.

May 1st, 2019, 12pm-1pm.

Flagpole, in front of the Memorial Union at UC Davis.


  • UPTE - University Professional and Technical Employees. Union of technical and professional employees at the University of California.
  • AFT - American Federation of Teachers. Union of professionals that champions democracy, economic opportunity; and high-quality public education.
  • YDSA at UC Davis - YDSA at UC Davis is an autonomous and democratically organized branch of the Young Democratic Socialists, the student and youth wing of the Democratic Socialists of America. Members of YDSA at UC Davis are students at UC Davis organizing to build a better world.
  • SJP - Students for Justice in Palestine. Student organization fighting for ​freedom, justice, and equality for the Palestinian people.
  • DFA - Davis Faculty Association. Advocates for faculty salaries and benefits and on issues affecting the academic climate at UC.

Dov Salkoff of the YDSA at UC Davis, an attendee of the event, relates the labor movement to students: “Tuition has increased four-fold in the last two decades while worker’s wages have stagnated. The YDSA recognizes that students and workers are on the same side of a long struggle against privatization and a constant economic squeeze. That’s why we celebrate working people’s victories today.”

Mike Schuchbauer, a member of UPTE, explains “After years of negotiating, UC continues to push their insulting one-time 3% ‘raise’ and insists on privatizing our retirement. Those of us working at UC are proud to serve our community and students, and we will fight to keep UC a public institution working for the many!”


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