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Urgent! Act today for CA 857 on Public Banking!

Your short calls can make the difference to get CA 857 through its first Assembly Committees!  This is the public banking bill that does so much good.

Please, this week, all you need to say is: Please support AB 857 the Public Banking bill that will enable California municipalities and counties — and the state as a whole — to charter their own public banks.

Many CA newspapers, the California Public Banking Alliance (https://californiapublicbankingalliance.org/)  and many of our state's local public bank advocacy groups support this bill. 

This week, your phone call can help flood the committee members’ offices to get this bill through these committee hurdles! 

They're counting calls, they don't need any other information!

The Assembly Banking and Finance Committee hears the bill on Monday, April 22; and the Assembly Committee on Local Government on Wednesday, April 24.

Please make your calls this weekat least on or before these dates. Just say:  "I want you to support AB 857, the public banking bill that will be in front of your committee next week."  

Call members of the Assembly Banking & Finance Committee, in particular Chair Monique Limón and Vice Chair Phillip Chen. Find all phone numbers here: https://abnk.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff . You can also call the Committee office at 916-319-3081.

Call members of the Assembly Committee on Local Government, in particular the Chair Cecilia Aguiar-Curry and Vice Chair Tom Lackey.  Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is Chair of the Committee on Local Government that hears the bill on April 24, so call her office at 916-319-2004 and say you are from Davis – she's our Assembly Member. Find all phone numbers here: https://alcl.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff .  You can also call the committee office at 916-319-3958 to register your support.

Thank you,

Nancy Price
Co-Chair, Alliance for Democracy
Public Banking Campaign
"The issue is not the issues, the issue is the system."


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