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Concern about tree pruning in middle of nesting season

By Pam Nieberg 

Please contact the City Council, City Manager, City Wildlife Resource Specialist and whomever else you wish regarding the city tree pruning that is going on right now.  Someone in the city contracted for the pruning of city trees now, in the middle of nesting season for virtually every bird species, including the legally protected Swainsons Hawk.  Who in their right mind would do that?

When I received a notice of the pruning, I contacted the city to ask that it stop, giving the reasons stated above.  Unfortunately, a number of the city trees in my neighborhood, including a number of Canary Island Pines which Swainson's hawks love, were heavily pruned despite efforts to prevent it. 

Normally, this time of year, I hear the Swainson's hawks vocalizing all over the neighborhood, every day, all day. Yesterday and today after the pruning--complete silence.

Please contact the city and ask them to halt the pruning now, and reschedule it for an appropriate time, like the fall and winter, when nesting for
all birds is over, babies have left the nests, and many trees are entering dormancy.

Pam Nieberg, 530-756-6856, pnieberg@dcn.davis.ca.us

Who to Contact:

City Manager: Mike Webb <MWebb@cityofdavis.org>

City Wildlife Resource Specialist  John McNerney  <JMcNerney@cityofdavis.org>

City Council

Brett Lee <blee@cityofdavis.org>
Lucas Frerichs <lucasf@cityofdavis.org>
Gloria Partida <gpartida@cityofdavis.org>
Will Arnold <Warnold@cityofdavis.org>
Dan Carson  <dcarson@cityofdavis.org>


Nancy Price

Pam, thanks for this shout-out for birds, trees and tree-pruning policy that makes sense for nature in the fall and winter, and not just for a corporate schedule. Though we did have a lot of rain, there must have been windows of opportunity. From your description of "heavy pruning," sounds like the city is trying to save money by not having to prune as often.

Where are Tree Davis or the Natural Resources Commission on this?

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