No On L Campaign Cleared by FPPC
Criticism of City Council For Ties To Davis Vanguard Continues

Davis Hosts Green New Deal Town Hall as Part of Nationwide Mobilization

Community members from Davis and surrounding areas will meet at the UC Davis Art Annex to discuss the ​Green New Deal and how to best address the climate emergency on Saturday, May 25th, from 10am-12pm. The event is one of more than 250 town halls for the Green New Deal taking place all over the country. It hopes to stimulate conversation and action on climate justice in the region.
Saturday May 25, 10 AM - 12 PM
UC Davis Art Annex 107
● Sunrise Movement ● Yolo County Progressives ● Sierra Club (Yolano Group) ● UPTE - University Professional and Technical Employees ● YDSA - Young Democratic Socialists of America at UC Davis


(From Press release)


The Green New Deal is a resolution calling for a “10-year national mobilization” to move the US toward 100% clean and renewable energy while creating millions of good jobs and protecting those most affected by the climate crisis. It responds to a UN-commissioned report that says that urgent action is needed by 2030 in order to avoid catastrophic effects of climate change such as sea level rise, extreme weather events, increased disease and impacts on food and water systems. In California, climate-change related drought is expected to increase the frequency and severity of wildfires like the one that annihilated the town of Paradise in 2018.

The Green New Deal has received the full backing of more than 90 Congressional representatives, including Rep. Garamendi as well as six of the Democratic party presidential candidates.


Dov Salkoff, a member of YDSA at UC Davis, explains

“The climate crisis will not be solved with a technological fix or market self-correction. We have an economic system that exploits people and the environment, and this fact is beginning to threaten life itself. The Green New Deal gives us an opportunity to collectively decide how to best organize our communities so that working people and marginalized communities are no longer left behind. That’s why myself and others in the YDSA have been helping to organize this event.”

Adelita Serena of Mothers Out Front states:

“As a mother and a frontline community representative here in Yolo County I worry about the effect of the smoke from nearby fires on my two boys when they play and train for football outside. On hot days, heat stroke worries me, and I am very concerned to think that some day extreme heat will make it more difficult for kids to play outside and do the things they love. Fossil fuel is the richest, most powerful industry in the world; we need our politicians to take bold action against it by demanding no new extraction permits for gas and oil, and a swift and fair transition to renewable energy. Mothers Out Front urges our state and national leaders to make climate justice a top priority by co-sponsoring the Green New Deal.”


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