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WHY DO THEY COME? The Root Causes of Immigration to the US

Public Presentation June 2

(From Press release) Come hear a first-hand report on "The Root Causes of Immigration to the U.S." June 2 at the Friends Meeting, corner of 4th and L Streets, Davis at 2:00pm.

The news media are filled with stories and pictures of thousands of migrants walking from Central America through Mexico to the U.S. border seeking asylum or other categories of entry. The journey is long, difficult, and dangerous, and the migrants clearly are desperate, determined, and hopeful. Why do they undertake such a journey? Why do they come, what are they escaping or seeking?

Come hear "The Root Causes of Immigration to the U.S.," with Gala King and Ann Pratt. Gala and Ann participated in an interfaith delegation to Honduras to learn why people are fleeing that country and attempting to enter the U.S. as asylum seekers. They met with families of emigrants, staff of nonprofits working in Honduras, government officials, and others, and they conducted site visits to villages with high rates of out-migration. They will report on what they learned there and lead discussion of how we should respond. Gala is Social Justice Program Developer at Buena Vista UMC in Alameda. Ann, a Racine Dominican sister, writes freelance articles on social justice issues in Fair Oaks, CA. Their talk is sponsored by the Friends Meeting, Davis United Methodist Church, and Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network.

Gala and Ann will also talk on Root Causes at the June 2 Contemporary Issues Forum at Davis United Methodist Church at 9:45am. Come to either the morning or afternoon talk or both.


Donna Lemongello

Thank you for publicizing this event, I'm very interested.

Roberta L. Millstein

Our pleasure. We are happy to post announcements for similar community events. Folks can just email them to me.

And I agree it looks interesting. It's the question that not enough people are talking about.

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