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Overheard at Cindy's

CindysBy Carey Ann Hunt

            “I don’t think my future girlfriend would appreciate the fact that I drive 90 mph every chance I get. So, considering that, I try to slow down to 65 every time I notice how fast I’m going.” He is a tall slender young man, wearing a black San Francisco tee-shirt, and fine rimmed glasses. He chatted to his friend, a young woman with a grown out bob pulled back into two pony tails. They sat across from each other in a booth, on the Chiles’ side of the restaurant. Piano music played in the background. It was a slow Tuesday evening at Cindy’s.

            I ordered their green Thai chicken curry with a side of brown rice. The curry was beautiful, a pale green hue muted by the coconut in the sauce. Lightly cooked fresh cut veggies soaking in warm spiced yumminess. Lemongrass perhaps. Green beans, carrots, eggplant and more. My mouth delighted in the array of flavors. Basil leaves packed with zest added to the aromatic experience, complementing the tender chicken.

            The students nearby were eating plates of noodles in a light orange sauce with fresh sliced oranges as garnish. “I could live on Boba tea,” she said, as the two shared culinary leanings. Japanese for him as long as the fish isn’t raw. Same with her. “Don’t you love pickles?” he asked after whipping his chin, pausing between bites. “Yes,” she said, “so much so that I tried living on just them for a couple days, until I realized that they have like no calories and I needed more. I like them that much.”


            “I got a speeding ticket the other day on my way back from Fairfield,” the young woman said after sipping her Boba tea. He finished eating the fruit from an orange, continuing to play with the rind in his fingertips, as he said, “I help my girlfriends out with tickets and stuff… not really my friends. Well, maaaaybe a best friend.” He must have sensed her lack of interest. “How about we can be best friends then?” she replied without needing much time to consider. I’m guessing the outcome was not what he desired, but hey, at least he was honest!

            With enough green curry and rice left over for another meal I left, comfortable and happy to relax and digest. The people there are always warm and welcoming. With a blend of Western and Thai flavors Cindy’s restaurant has to offer, there is likely something there for you and yours.




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