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Candidate runs for Yolo County Supervisor on a Local Green New Deal platform

IMG_4955My name is David Abramson and I am running for District 4 Yolo County Supervisor on the platform of a Local Green New Deal. A Local Green New Deal lays out a plan for local infrastructure, planning, and policy that will help us address the climate crisis we are in. It also aims to transform our economic system into one that supports ecological healing and true community wealth-building.

Growing up in Davis and living here most of my life, I know that Yolo County residents care about their communities. We care about each other, we care about our families, our neighbors, our schools, about the health and well-being of our workers, our youth, and our elders. We care about the health of our planet, and about the future we want for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

We hear the calls from the youth saying, "We want a future! We want our political leaders to step up to the challenge, to transition from fossil fuels, and to take the challenges that humanity faces seriously and fearlessly, and to spring forward into action!"

We hear the deafening silence in lands where birds in millions used to sing, where entire ecosystems have been degraded to a point where they no longer support life. We breathe the smoke of catastrophic fires that plead with us to pay attention to ecosystems left unmanaged, and of lands have been degraded by years of exploitation. We hear the calls of indigenous peoples who have stewarded these lands for tens of thousands of years. We hear the confederation of climate scientists saying that we have 12 years to mitigate a climate disaster and that we must act now.

Here is a very harsh reality. The economic system that we participate in results in the release of fossil fuels, the degradation of farmland and ecosystems, disruption of the web of life, poisoning of our water sources, extraction of wealth from our communities, perpetuation of human rights abuses, and vast inequality.

Though we are faced with unprecedented challenges, we also have an opportunity and a responsibility to take action. We can create infrastructure that protects ecosystems, generates an abundance of healthy food, clean water, and live soil, generates wealth that is equitable, and raises the standards of living for all.

It is possible, and people are already doing this work in communities throughout the world.

May we rise to the occasion right here in Yolo County. Let your voices be heard!

Please visit my website at to get involved with my campaign and the Local Green New Deal. It takes a village, and we welcome all to join the effort.

In gratitude,

David Abramson


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