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City-County-UCD 2X2X2 “Town Hall” meeting Thursday Oct. 17th 6:30pm -8pm at Genome Center on UCD campus

This important semi-annual meeting is for updates from the City, County and UCD regarding UCD housing needs and impacts.

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By Eileen Samitz

In case you are one of many who are not aware of this important semi-annual “Town Hall” meeting, there will be a City-County-UCD 2X2X2 meeting tomorrow Thursday, Oct. 17th at the Genome Center on the UCD campus in the first-floor auditorium. One wonders why this community meeting is not more conveniently located in the City as was publicly requested early on; the map attached explains where the Genome Center is. To get to it take Hutchinson Drive and turn south on Health Sciences Drive which will lead to a parking lot (see map above).

Since UCD is imposing enormous housing needs on Davis these meetings for updates are only twice a year so this is an important meeting to attend to give input particularly about the slow progress of any additional on-campus housing being produced and the overall deficiency of how much on-campus housing is being planned. For citizens concerned about the impacts on Davis due to UCD’s lack of on-campus housing for its rapidly growing student population, please attend. Anyone wishing to testify will be given 3 minutes to testify. The agenda can be viewed at:

Given Greg Rowe’s recent well written letters published in the Davisite (links to the articles are here and here) raising continued concerns about the lack of enough student housing being planned on-campus and the slow rate it is being produced, this meeting is very important to attend. An added fact, is that there is no timeline for approximately 3,000 of the student beds to supposedly be built on-campus before 2023, so this meeting is a good opportunity to bring your concerns.

NOTE: This will be one of two opportunities in a year to directly address UCD Chancellor May and two of his administrators in a public meeting. The entire City Council, our two County Supervisor's and City Staff members will also be present.

If you would like more information or have any questions please call me at (530) 756-5165 or email me at



Roberta L. Millstein

Here is some additional important information about the meeting:

Ron O

Thanks for your continuing efforts, Eileen.

I would expect this update to generate a great deal of interest among UCD students, in particular.

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