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Heads up on more City housing discussions

By Roberta Millstein

This is just a brief post to let Davisites know about some upcoming housing-related discussions.  At 6 PM on Tuesday (Oct 22) just prior to the regular Council meeting in the Community Chambers, there will be a City Council and Planning Commission Joint Discussion.  The two planned topics of discussion are:

  • Should there be policy preference for work force housing over student-oriented housing?
  • What is the future direction for affordable housing in Davis, including at risk housing, and with the nature of the interim housing policy, what should be enforced?

Other housing-related items will be covered during the regular Council meeting.

At 7:40 PM (estimated), there will be University of California Financial Overview regarding the overall UC budget, on-campus capital financing mechanisms, opportunities, and constraints. Presumably on-campus housing will be among the topics of discussion.

At 8 PM (estimated), SACOG representative Greg Chew will give a presentation on the draft numbers and methodology for the next 8-year round of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). The RHNA is the state-required process that seeks to ensure cities and counties are planning for enough housing to accommodate all economic segments of the community.  Following the assignment of housing units, jurisdictions must adopt a housing element by August 2021 that demonstrates, among other things, how they can accommodate the assigned RHNA numbers through zoning. The draft RHNA documents are on the SACOG website here. As it looks now, the Davis allocation will be 2,075 units, of which 40% (921) must be affordable. 

Davisites are encouraged to attend and to give public comment during the relevant items.

Further details of the Oct 22 Council meeting are online here.


Eileen Samitz


Much thanks for this "heads up". Yes much coming down the "pipeline" regarding land use in Davis. So, this coming Council meeting on Tuesday is a very important one for folks to watch. All of these major land use decision which have already been made, and the many new ones coming will significantly affect Davis and its future.

So, I hope that folks tune in this Tuesday to attend and/or watch this coming City Council meeting, Oct. 22 on the local government station, and to follow updates in the Davisite articles on these issues.

Ron O

Seems to me that the city has ALREADY repeatedly given preference to student, over workforce housing. Despite the fact that students are the only ones who are able to live in the city, OR on-campus.

And then there's the watering-down of Affordable housing requirements.

It's as if some people don't realize that each decision creates consequences which modifies the factors for future decisions. Sometimes, in a negative manner.

Thanks for posting the article and Eileen's comment.

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