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Sipping Nectar

Hummingbird 2
By Carey Ann Hunt

Quickly out of nowhere it hovered in the air

Not more than 3-4 feet away.

Me? I just sat there sipping tea.

The bird sipped too, though English Breakfast was not his flavor. 

Nectar for him as he lingered there.

Sipping the red abutilon flowers,

The hummingbird vibrated, stirring the air.

The whirr of those wings

I could tangibly feel it.

My heart was pounding,



I sat there beaming perched on my chair

I waited, stretching the moment as long as I could.

He chest was dipped in emerald

Ruby throated with opalescent wings.

His wings were see-through they fluttered so fast.

Grateful I was to him so close.

I was enamored of every part of that moment.

The morning, the sun, and sweet nectar. 

The breeze in my hair,

The last of the sweet smell of Jasmine until next year.

He finished his mission,

But, before he left

He flew in right close and looked at me

Startling me and causing me to splash my tea.

My heart was racing but my mind was still.

My body felt like it was vibrating just like those wings.

That little body, with that much power



The moment grew larger,

As did my smile.

His shiny bright eyes

Gazing right there at mine.

No more than my arm’s length away.

I was left stunned as his lifted off,

His wings left an impression as I closed my eyes.

Sipping the moment and hovering there.

Grateful to you little bird for your courage to look me in the eye.

Hummingbird 1




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