10 things you need to know about the UCD-City-County "Town Hall" that are not being reported in other places.
5 Davis Districts, not 7

Important Council meeting tonight Including UCD issues, RHNA, and District Elections

Student housingUCD needs far more on-campus housing

Rare opportunity to testify at today's Tuesday City Council Oct. 22, at 6pm meeting to testify for the need for far more UCD on-campus student housing at Community Chambers at 23 Russell Blvd

By Eileen Samitz

For the vast majority of the community who were not informed in time to attend the community “Town Hall” 2X2X2 City Council-County Supervisor-UCD meeting this past Thursday, here is a rare opportunity to testify directly to UCD.

Unfortunately, the “Town Hall” meeting to address the UCD housing was held, not in town, but at a remote and inconvenient location on the UCD campus at 6:30 until only 8pm. As a result few community members were able to attend. The meeting was ended early by Vice Chancellor Ratliff and no questions were allowed, although an attendee requested a questions section.

So today, Tuesday Oct. 22nd is a rare opportunity to address UCD on this issue at the City Council meeting. Usually, you are allowed 3 minutes (sometimes less) to testify on an item when it comes up on the agenda.

Just to review, the short version of the 2X2X2 meeting is it was also disappointing in that none of the elected officials other than Supervisor Jim Provenza pressed UCD to provide more student housing so it looks like it’s up to community to do so. Please come and testify, that UCD needs to provide far more on-campus housing than the City-UCD MOU is proposing. This MOU is seriously inadequate in not offering nearly enough on-campus student housing.

Much appreciation to Colin Walsh for his informative article covering details on what happened at the 2X2X2 which was not reported in the local media is on the Davisite today. To learn more the link is:


Today’s Tuesday City Council meeting will be a historical meeting to some extent. Look how it is packed with 4 critically important issues needing your input and the Staff report links below:

1) City Council - Planning Commission joint meeting addressing housing issues.

2) UC Davis will have a representative give a presentation of UCD’s financial overview.

3) SACOG will give a presentation of the RHNA numbers and the methodology they used and that the public can give input on this methodology with 4 options that can be used to adjust allocation numbers for housing. 2,075 units have been assigned to Davis to plan within 8 years.

4) The final decision on the Davis District Elections district map will be made by the City Council at this meeting, so this is your last chance for input. It seems to make far more sense to have five districts, like the 5-district map option #4 otherwise the public will not get to have adequate time for public input. If the Council goes to 7-districts it needs to go to weekly meetings again like they use to have. All of the 7-district maps have far more inherent problems regarding representation than the 5-district maps.

Here are the links below for the agenda and reports if there is one for the item, on-line at the City website.

If you have any questions, please call me at 756-5165 or email me a citizens@dcn.org.


Oct. 22, 2019 City Council meeting Agenda:


Relevant web links from Agenda:

Item #1: City Council- Planning Commission meeting (6:00pm)


The housing issue will be discussed including if the City should be focusing on housing for our workforce and families, rather than just housing designed specifically for students in the City. Currently the City has approved 3,888 student beds averaging $1,000+ per bed in the City in housing designed exclusively for students, although traditional apartments are badly needed for our workforce and families.

For more info see recent publications on this subject:



Item #3 Public Comment (7:10 pm) - For items not on the agenda unless you can’t stay for an item on the agenda, you can testify now (but you must state that at the podium).

Item #5 UCD Financial Overview: (approx. time 7:30, possibly later)

No posted info

Item #6 SACOG RHNA growth allocation of 2,075 units within 8 years for Davis presentation. (approx. time 8:00 pm, possibly later)

No posted info

Item #7 District Elections (approx. time 8:45pm, possibly later)


The following includes some of the many reasons why UCD needs to provide far more on-campus than the City-UCD MOU is proposing:

Some important points to consider for testimony at the Tuesday, Oct, 22 City Council meeting regarding the need for far more UCD on campus student housing:

1) UCD is the largest UC with 5,300 acres and a 900-acre core campus yet it is not even providing the 50% campus housing like the other UC's which are far smaller.

2) UCD needs to build FAR higher density housing on campus. A private developer is building a 6-story apt. complex for students in the City, yet UCD continues to only build 3, 4 story projects with a few 5-story projects. UCD teaches sustainable planning but does not practice it.

3) UCD needs to provide far more than the proposed 9,000 additional beds to catch up with decades of negligence to provide the needed on-campus housing.

4) UCD needs to stop dragging its heels and build the student beds faster needed that are needed now.  UCD also needs to give the City a timeline for all the beds it has claimed it will provide. There is no timeline for 3,000 of the 9,000 beds which are they claim that they will to be provide “sometime” by 2033. They are needed now, and should not be dragged out over 10-15 years.

5) UCD needs to start a donation fund for student housing like some other universities have successfully done to provide student housing. UCD had its second largest fundraising $234 million this past year, yet nothing for student housing. The community has asked for a UCD student housing fund to be started for years now for the public and alumni to contribute to like other universities have successfully done to produce student housing. Yet, UCD has continued to refuse to do it.

Plus, UCD has continued to focus on spending its money on vanity projects like a new art museum, a new music recital center, and now a sports health complex ($40 million!) when there is a serious on-campus student housing shortage that UCD should be prioritizing.

6) UCD has not even gotten a plan for Orchard Park done yet, and it has been closed over 5 years. Yet UCD keeps adding more and more students despite having taken housing off line for years now. Furthermore, Orchard Park, and ALL new student housing built needs to be HIGH density, not just 3 or 4 stories but at least 6 or more stories, UC San Diego is building 15-story student housing, so why not UCD?

High density student housing is sustainable planning, not lower density like UCD has continue to build when they are renovating student housing projects.  UCD needs to use footprint of the land being built on efficiently by building up. UCD teaches sustainable planning, but does not practice it.

7) UCD via its self-directed UCD 2020 Initiative which added at least 4,500 non-resident international and out- of-state students to extract triple tuition from them. So, here these young people are hundreds to tens of thousands of miles from their families, but UCD has not even provided the needed on-campus housing for them. In turn this accelerated growth, which UCD did not provide on-campus student housing for, has been forced onto our small City and surrounding communities,

8) Why hasn’t the UCD administration implemented the Student - UCD Administration Task Force on Student Housing recommendations they agreed to? This subject was covered in this recent article in the Davisite:


9) The City has already approved 3,888 student beds in mega-dorms on the City which is enough. The City needs to now focus on providing housing for its workforce and families.

 10) Land to build on is free on campus, but not in the City where, quite the contrary, land is very expensive. Therefore, housing in the City is much more expensive to develop and far more costly to rent or purchase. So, the cheapest way to provide affordable student housing is on campus, not in the City.


Nancy Price

Thanks Eileen for alerting us to the importance of this City Council meeting and outlining topics.

I would like to stress that sustainable planning by the UCD would recognize the need for far more housing on campus in order to greatly reduce traffic from students commuting and reduce that carbon footprint and climate impact.

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