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Notice of Scoping Meeting and Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Rough map showing approximate outline of proposed business park - Corrected from earlier image, which did not show full scale of project

What follows is the official notice of a meeting that you can attend to give input on the Supplemental EIR on the so-called "Aggie Research Campus," formerly named "Mace Ranch Innovation Center."  The project would include not only offices and R&D space, but also housing and a hotel, with ~4300 parking spaces total.

Information on the project can be found on the City of Davis's website, here.


SCOPING MEETING: On Monday, December 2, 2019 starting at 5:00 PM and ending at 7:00 PM, the City of Davis Department of Community Development and Sustainability will conduct a public scoping meeting to solicit input and comments from public agencies and the general public on the proposed Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for the Aggie Research Campus Project. This meeting will be held at the Davis City Hall Conference Room, 23 Russell Blvd., Davis, CA 95616. The conference room is next to the Community Chambers.

This meeting will be an open house format and interested parties may drop in to review the proposed project exhibits and submit written or oral comments at any time between 5PM and 7PM. Representatives from the City of Davis, the EIR consultant, and the Applicant will be available to address questions regarding the EIR process. Members of the public may provide written or oral comments throughout the meeting.

If you have any questions regarding this scoping meeting, contact the Principal Planner, Sherri Metzker at

Additional information on the project proposal is available through the Department of Community Development and Sustainability, Planning Division, 23 Russell Boulevard, Davis, California, 95616, and is posted at the following City web address:

THIS NOTICE is to notify public agencies and the general public that the City of Davis, as the Lead Agency, will prepare an Supplemental EIR for the Aggie Research Campus Project (proposed project). The City is interested in the input and/or comments of public agencies and the general public as to the scope and content of the supplemental environmental information that is germane to the agencies’ statutory responsibilities in connection with the proposed project, and public input. Public agencies will need to use the EIR prepared by the City when considering applicable permits, or other approvals for the proposed project.

Project Title: Aggie Research Center Project
Project Location: 26295 Mace Boulevard, Davis, CA 95618


The proposed 185 acre project site is located immediately east of the City of Davis city limits, near the “Mace Curve”, in Yolo County, approximately 2.5 miles east of downtown Davis (Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APNs) 033-630-006, -009, - 011, and -012; 033-650-009, and -026). The project consists of the proposed ±212-acre Aggie Research Campus (ARC) site,

and a separate ±16-acre area, south of CR 32A, which has been included within the bounds of the project site for annexation purposes only. The 16 acres contain Ikedas Market (APN 033-630-011), a City-owned water tank and Caltrans District 3 Park-and-Ride lot (APN 033-630-006), and agricultural uses (APN 033-630-012).

The Aggie Research Campus application proposes 2,654,000 square feet of innovation center/business uses and 850 residential units of varied sizes and affordability:

Office; Research & Development; Laboratory

1,510,000 sf

Advanced Manufacturing; Prototyping; Product Testing

884,000 sf

Ancillary Retail

100,000 sf


160,000 sf (150 rooms)

Total square footage of non residential uses

2,654,000 sf

Green Space

49.1 acres*

Transit Plaza

0.6 acres

Total Project Acres

185 acres

Residential (average density 30 du/ac)

850 units

Total number of residential units

850 units (maximum)

* A nine-acre offsite easement, which will be utilized for agricultural buffer area, is included in this total. The addition of the easement area increases the total area of impact to 194 acres, though the general plan designation and zoning on the easement area will not be amended.

The project applicant is requesting the following entitlements for the proposed project:

Yolo County LAFCo Approvals:

1. Combined Municipal Service Review (MSR) and Sphere of Influence (SOI) Amendment 2. Annexation

City of Davis Approvals:

  1. General Plan Amendment to create a new City of Davis land use designation and assign City land use designations to the project site

  2. Prezoning to determine the zoning in the event of subsequent annexation

  3. Preliminary Planned Development (PPD) approvals

  4. Large Lot Tentative Subdivision Map to reconfigure/divide existing parcels

  5. Site Plan and Architectural Review to approve project Design Guidelines and Performance Standards

  6. Development Agreement

  7. Action by the City Council to call for an election and set the baseline features of the project


On September 19, 2017, the City Council adopted Resolution 17-125, certifying the Final Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) for the Mace Ranch Innovation Center project (“MRIC”). Immediately following certification, the related planning applications put on hold. On June 11, 2019, the City received a letter from the property owners of the MRIC project site (Buzz Oates, Reynolds & Brown, and Ramco Enterprises) requesting the City recommence with processing of their innovation center application, which has been renamed as the Aggie Research Campus (“ARC”). On September 30, 2019, the applicant submitted a project description and a number of other exhibits related to their application that are under review.

The applicant spent the last two years conducting research on modern innovation parks, talking to industry experts, and analyzing the appropriate land uses. The applicant has decided to continue pursuing the appropriate general plan and zoning designations, as well as, an application to annex their proposed Aggie Research Campus project which is located on a 185-acre project site, immediately east of the City of Davis city limits, near the “Mace Curve”, in unincorporated Yolo County. At build-out, the ARC would include up to 2,654,000 square feet of innovation center/business uses and 850 residential units of varied sizes and affordability.

In the ensuing years since the MRIC EIR was certified, there have been changed circumstances. Therefore, the city has determined it is necessary to prepare a Supplemental EIR to evaluate all the changed circumstances since the certification of the 2017 EIR.


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