Unprofessional behavior from City staff and Councilmember Arnold
VCE Integrated Resource Plan Workshop

Mace Mess: 11 Broken Promises

Mace mess2Squandered Trust

Comments given to the Davis City Council by Mimi McMahon

Trust is an important element when citizens elect officials to act on their behalf.  There is no room for special interests or personal gain.  A promise is a contract. The City has squandered the trust of Davis citizens and those affected by the Mace Mess you and your staff have created.  You have wasted millions of dollars of our hard-earned taxes. 

Broken and Unfulfilled Promises

  1. Inclusivity and knowledge of projects: You did not include citizens that would be impacted by your failed design in the planning process.  The Mace Mess has spread gridlock throughout Davis. 
  2. The promise expressed by Brett Lee at every meeting that this is unacceptable and we will fix it; there is enough real estate for two lanes each way and bike lanes, i.e, what we had. Per Brett Lee, no reputable design firm agrees that that the concrete bike curbs are acceptable, and yet they’re still here.
  3. The promise that KEEP CLEAR would be painted at the North El Macero Drive intersection.
  4. That all south Davis concerns were transmitted to Fehr and Peers, yet the farming concerns were not.
  5. The promise that the County would be in meetings with Fehr and Peers, yet they were excluded as were the interests of the citizens the County represents, despite the fact that we pay taxes and pay for services (plus administrative fees) from the City of Davis.
  6. The promise that Mace will be fixed so that we will no longer be blockaded in our neighborhoods when Mace is gridlocked.
  7. The promise that we can trust your analyses and data; however they do not match reality – travel times and bike counts for example.
  8. You have broken our trust that you will not waste our money, but you are willing to pay $104K and are contemplating another $250K for Fehr and Peers for yet another “plan” when that money should be used to restore Mace.
  9. You have broken the promise of providing safe streets, by narrowing what was a safe boulevard to a gridlocked city street that also restricts emergency vehicles and has caused an increase in auto accidents. Our safety does not seem to be your concern at all. 
  10. The promise of bike safety has been broken by creating chunnels that have caused serious injury to an adult bicyclist while ignoring the fact that what we had was perfectly safe, and there had never an instance of a car hitting a bike.
  11. The promise of safety for disabled people has been broken. The concrete in the middle of Mace on the west side has caused great hardship for a disabled man and it is extremely difficult for his wife to get him from the car to their house; he has actually fallen out of his wheelchair.

Before the Mace Mess project, Mace worked even with WAZE traffic.  Do the right thing and restore Mace.  Stop squandering our money and stalling.  Honor your promises. 

Mace worked even with WAZE traffic before the Mace Mess project.


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