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Unprofessional behavior from City staff and Councilmember Arnold

Thursday's Caltrans Workshop Key to Davis Growth and Climate Future

IMG_6919By Alan Hirsch

On Thursday Caltrans will hold a workshop on the future of the I-80 corridor, Davis’s Connection to the rest of the World.  It will be in the Blanchard room of the Library at 6:30pm.

Caltrans will be considering different options to deal with transportation demand in this corridor.

Will they just address only thru traffic, i.e. Tahoe Snowbirds...or real needs of people who live in the corridor, for example transit needs that can’t be met by slow, limited stop and expensive Capitol Corridor Train service or the anemic and unreliable Yolobus service?

If you care about traffic on Mace Blvd...or how we can have accommodate economic growth in Davis -- like the proposed 12,000 (!!!)  trip a day Aggie business park on Mace curve  -- this is the meeting to go to.

Some Questions

  • Will they build something that will encourage for single occupancy cars to come into..,and flow out of Davis by simply widening the Freeway—i.e.  facilitate more Bay-area based Tahoe Snow birds to burn up the planet as they drive to ever-decreasing Sierra snow pack.
  • Will they build facilities to encourage more and faster Davis and Yolo County Transit commuters in and out of Davis, West Sac, Dixon and Sacramento?

  • Will they delay solutions by restrict themselves to studying only expensive Causeway widening options that will be 10 to 15 years to fund,
  • Will they use the SF-Bay Bridge Solution: Install cheap “queue jump” lanes alongside I-80 before the causeway so buses HOV 4+ “real car pools” get to drive about the back up to get on the causeway, i.e encourage transit riders by giving them a faster-than-drive-alone trip.  

  • Will they use “rush hour only” HOV lanes...
  • Will they make time HOV/Bus lanes 24 x 7 to reflect Tahoe rush hours.

Please show up if you care about Davis growth and traffic...or the future of the planet.  Or better transit service to Sacramento in your life time.


Caltrans Seeks Public Feedback on Yolo County Interstate 80 Project

Improvements between Davis and Sacramento 

Thursday, November 21

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Mary L Stephens Davis Library

Blanchard Room

315 E 14th St.

Davis, CA 95616

A community open house is held to inform the public about a Yolo County Interstate 80 project with key improvements to I-80 from Kidwell Road just west of Davis to West El Camino Avenue, including U.S. Highway 50 to the Interstate 5 Interchange in Sacramento. This open house encourages input from stakeholders and the community. Community members can learn more about the project and share their preferences and concerns with the project team.

Details about the project can be found at the Caltrans website.


Ron O

I wonder if the development activists (who claim to be concerned about global warming caused by automobiles) will oppose a 4,340-parking space development that generates 12,000 trips/day, adjacent to freeway access points.

Roberta L. Millstein

Excellent question, Ron. It will be interesting to see.

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