Why dropping SAT/ACT admission requirements isn’t a “dumbing down”
ARC Affordable Housing Questions Increase

20 most-viewed Davisite articles from 2019

In case you missed them

Davisite-2020In honor of the new year, the Davisite looks back on its top 20 most viewed articles from 2019, in reverse order, ending with the most viewed article for 2019. 

Note that the articles are written by a variety of different authors, reflecting the Davisite’s nature as a community blog, written by and for the Davis community.

  1. Some important clarifications on EIR updates for the ARC: Other issues unfortunately went unaddressed


  1. Who was Max Benson? An interview with his mother, Stacia


  1. Proposal Triples Size of Homeless Shelter: Current Zoning Does Not Allow for 4 Story Project


  1. The Sustainable Living and Learning Communities: A future focused interdisciplinary institution grows from the deep roots of UC Davis’s alternative communities


  1. Criticism of City Council For Ties To Davis Vanguard Continues: Vanguard Defends Council


  1. Honoring Dr. Thomas Cahill: A man whose outstanding science was matched by his humanity


  1. Leonard Peltier’s 2019 Thanksgiving Message: “Walking on Stolen Land”


  1. Mace Mess: 11 Broken Promises: Squandered Trust


  1. Homeless "Respite Center" Proposed by School Bike Route Receives Pushback


  1. Traffic Fiascos: Who’s Responsible?


  1. 10 things you need to know about the UCD-City-County "Town Hall" that are not being reported in other places


  1. Linda Deos Runs for Yolo County Supervisor


  1. Rising homelessness in Davis: what comes next?


  1. City Council Makes Target Mall Decision Based on Demonstrably False Claims


  1. Unprofessional behavior from City staff and Councilmember Arnold: Poor communication continues; irregularities confirmed


  1. A Problem with the Davis Vanguard’s Citation Practices


  1. Davis Enterprise Chastises City Council and Davis Vanguard


  1. Where do Mace, Covell and L St. Meet?


  1. Pay to Détour(nement): Can Davis Pioneer a Toll for Waze?

And our most read article for 2019:

  1. Davis Vanguard IRS Disclosure Problem: PART I: Vanguard Slams the Door on Required Public Disclosures

What will 2020 bring?  There is no doubt we will be running articles on the massive business park proposed for outside of Mace curve (the so-called ARC), Measure R renewal, new proposed taxes for the City and the school district, the City Council election, and the Yolo County Supervisor election.  Looking at the above, Davisites are clearly concerned about traffic and parking, and it is likely that those concerns will continue into 2020 in some form.  We will be watching the City Council to see how it fulfills its promise to act on the declared Climate Emergency, among other promises, such as improved communication with citizens.

Of course, there will be unexpected issues – those are often the most interesting.  We will just have to see what the new year brings.  Again, the Davisite is a community blog, so please continue to send us your articles.  The unknown stories that are yet unwritten are from you, too.

The Davisite wishes you all a happy and healthy new year!



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