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Abramson: Campaign Values and Vision

Tree of lifeThese are a few of the things I love about our campaign:

-We are putting forth a vision for a healthy future that so many people resonate with and want to co-create.

-We seek to live our values and actualize this vision right now, not just talk about it.

-We are not producing toxic waste by printing lawn signs.

-We are running on the people power of those who are helping to co-create a Local Green New Deal.

-We are putting “money out of politics” to the test! We have funded our campaign completely thanks to the help of small individual donors setting a modest budget of $5,000.

-We haven’t taken a dime from developers, police, industry, corporations, business owners with a vested interest in Yolo County, or other special interest groups.

-We do not produce soundbytes without substance or empty and vague promises.

-We have strived to tell the truth, support and empower grassroots movements and leaders of all ages, and to be humble and welcoming.

-When we canvass neighborhoods, we knock on every door, not just just likely voters (minus ones with no soliciting signs).

-We have no hired political strategists, consultants, or advertising agencies shaping our messaging.

-We are 100% run by volunteers who believe in the work.

-Our campaign brochures are printed on 100% compostable or recyclable paper using biodegradable vegetable-based ink.

-Our campaign hands out bush bean seeds with our brochures when we canvass.

-We are bigger than just one person and their ideas. We are following the lead of the youth and people of all ages who are calling for real change for the health of our communities and our planet

-We are doing this because we believe in a brighter future and we owe it to the next generations.

All the best,
David Abramson

Candidate for Yolo County Supervisor District 4


[Davisite note: all candidates are welcome to publish on the Davisite]


ron glick

It was nice meeting you yesterday.

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