Abramson - A Local Green New Deal for a Healthier Yolo County
A Local Green New Deal – Tangible, Feasible, and Collaborative Solutions

Let’s Fight for our Future - Vote Abramson

Dennis-natuschby Dennis Natusch

Climate change is happening everywhere, from the hundreds of Californians had to flee their homes during the fires to the local farmers, anxiously awaiting the next dry season. Every aspect of life as we know it is threatened by climate change. Scientists maintain that if we don’t cut our emissions in the next 10 years, we’ll hit 2 degrees celsius of warming.

The only legislative document that can reverse this is The Green New Deal, as was presented by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It‘s not enough to talk about renewable energy. We need to restructure our society to make all our lives better. The GND promises millions of high-paying, green jobs, improved infrastructure, affordable housing, cleaner air, and cheaper, publicly owned energy.

As an exchange student from Germany, I’ve become invested in American politics and the parallels between our countries. Why do we grant tax cuts to the wealthiest? Why do we subsidize fossil fuels, if renewables are cheaper to implement? Why does your country spend more than half of its federal spending on the military? We can’t afford to secure our future, yet we can afford to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on bailing out banks.

Even though I can’t vote here, I volunteer for Bernie Sanders‘ campaign. But there is a lot to win on the local level too. Plans for efficient and affordable housing are not born in Washington DC but here in Yolo County. Trump can’t choose between adding another lane to the highway or expanding public transport. That is why I campaign for David Abramson, the only candidate for Yolo County Superviser that supports a Local Green New. He is a renter from Davis with a strong connection to this community. In fact, we met at a community art build for the climate strikes.

If we work together, we can face the biggest challenge of our time and carry the torch for a Green New Deal everywhere.”

Dennis Natusch


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