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she told me she wasn't going to vote in the upcoming election....

By Kirsten Elise

I was on the phone with a dear friend last night and after I shared that I was considering going canvassing for Bernie this weekend, she told me that she wasn't going to vote in the upcoming election. I imagine that I might have other friends who also may not be planning to vote for various reasons. I don't really know all the reasons that people have for not voting, but I feel called to share why I vote in the hopes it might inspire someone out there.

Its true, our political system is completely corrupt and broken and so I can understand why you might not want to participate in it. AND, the thing is that the only way we can change the system is by participating in it and transforming it from the inside out and that means getting involved in some way.

From my perspective, voting is the single easiest way for me to change things that are important to me. I often think about the kids at the border who are being ripped away from their parents and sexually abused and it completely breaks my heart because I know how trauma works and I know the extreme level of damage that experience is creating and how deeply that will effect them for probably their entire life. I can't even type that without crying. And really, wtf can I do about it? Honestly, there's really not much I can do, but if taking 10 minutes to register to vote and 10 minutes to fill out my mail-in ballot to vote for new leadership could prevent some little kid from loosing their parents and being raped or molested then I'm going to do that.

That's just one issue. Pick your issue. Think of the thing that's happening in the world that hurts the most and know that there is something you can do to change it.

Is it sad to you that people with diabetes are dying because they're rationing their insulin?

Is it hard for you to think about people in one of the wealthiest countries in the world going hungry because they got their food stamps taken away?

Does it frustrate you that you paid more in taxes this past year than Amazon, a billion dollar company who can't even pay its workers a living wage?

Does it disturb you as you're driving through the SF bay area to see more and more people living under the freeway?

Are you angry that corporations are dumping toxic waste into our waterways?

I could go on and on and on....

Its Valentine's day and I even thought I don't have a romantic partnership or a hot date tonight I feel very connected to the love that moves through me and that love is a powerful force. I want you to know that voting can be a profound gesture of love towards people you don't even know. For the children, the animals and the plants who don't have a voice in our political system. For people without homes who can't vote because they don't have addresses. It's the easiest way to love people, animals and the planet that I can think of today.

Bernie ValentineIf you've never voted before, trust me its way easier than it may seem. A quick internet search will take you to a website where you can easily register online. If you choose to get a mail-in ballot you don't even have to leave your house. You don't even need to know about all the measures and all the candidates, you can just vote for the people and measures that you do know about. It will truly make a difference. These last couple weeks before the primary offers us a special opportunity to reclaim our power, our country and our precious planet.


For California residents. You have just a few more days to register! Its super easy just go here: https://registertovote.ca.gov/



John Troidl

Well, well, well.

This is a hot button issue for me.

"Not voting"? Are you kidding me? Seriously? The vote in the USA is one of the best "franchises" in the world. Bar none. (I'd say "Barr none" but that's another story... and another vote).

I always vote. Every single election. Never missed a single one.

You see, even though I am increasingly looking like an "elder" with each passing day, I was born too young. One day too young to vote against Richard Nixon in his second election. My 18th birthday was the day AFTER the election.

OMG has that motivated me. Ever since I have voted in every election I am qualified to vote in. Joyfully. Eagerly. Opinionatedly!

Yep, every single one.

So, I tell all my friends who do not share 100% of my political views, "Well, you better show up at the polls and vote your conscience because you can count on it as surely as the sun rises and sets that I will be in there, registering MY preferences on election day!!!".

Vote People..... otherwise, as attributed to Eldridge Cleaver, the Bible and other sources...., "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem".

Don't be part of the problem. Instead VOTE!


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