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Davis Farmers Market continues, adds precautions

Davisfarmersmarket(From press release) The Davis Farmers Market continues its regular schedule while taking additional precautions in light of COVID-19 concerns. [Note: this is an updated announcement that contains the current no-samples policy].

The market added a third hand-washing station, and remains vigilant about cleaning all surfaces and vendor tablecloths. Sellers stay home if they are ill.

“Shopping outdoors is a relatively low-risk environment, and our farmers and producers look forward to sharing their weekly harvest and fresh products,” Executive Director Randii MacNear said. Those who have concerns about being in crowds are encouraged to shop the first hour of the market when it’s less crowded, and to maintain an arm’s length distance from others.

“We’ve always had a clean, safe farmers market that complies with stringent health codes,” MacNear said. “Remember, eating fruits and vegetables and other wholesome foods from the Davis Farmers Market helps keep you healthy.”

Under the direction of the Yolo County Health Department, the market is following these guidelines:

  • Samples will be discontinued through the end of March, and possibly longer. MacNear urged customers to shop with their eyes before picking their favorite items.
  • Condiments like mustard, salsa or coffee creamer will be handled by the seller, not the customer. To eliminate waste, the market typically discourages individual packets, but this rule will be waived temporarily. The coffee station at the Market Shed is on hold.
  • The communal tables for patrons have been eliminated for now. Patrons are welcome to sit on any Central Park bench or picnic table. The county health officer will re-evaluate this concern by April 1, when the weekly Picnic in the Park event begins on Wednesdays.

“As we closely monitor the directions from the Yolo County Health Department, we’re being flexible and responsive,” MacNear said. “Please continue to support our market, knowing it’s safe and clean.”

The Saturday market is year-round from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Central Park, 301 C St. The Winter Market continues through March 25, from 3 to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays. Beginning April 1, Wednesday hours shift to 4:30 p.m. to sunset for Picnic in the Park, which adds music, more food vendors, beer, wine and children’s activities.

Check for updates on davisfarmersmarket.org, or visit its Facebook page.


John Troidl

Great news!

I rely on the Farmers Market as a source of good, healthy food. Eating nutritionally is one way that I stay healthy.... whether in normal times or in times of Corona Virus.

Besides, you have to eat. You have to leave your home to go get food. So, given that the FM is being so public health aware.... I am going to be there Saturday to buy some more nutritious food and see my friends.... all of whom are smart enough to stay home if they feel sick.


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