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Davis Pride Festival postponed

(From press release) The sixth annual Davis Pride Festival, originally scheduled for Sunday, May 17, is postponed. For a new date, organizers are considering a Sunday in September or October.

The decision to delay the event is prompted by public health officials’ guidance on preventing spread of the novel coronavirus. The move follows steps recommended to organizers of large public gatherings to ensure the health of the larger community.

Davis Pride Director Sandré Nelson noted it’s important to prevent the spread of misinformation as well. “As a community that has lived through the stigma of the AIDS crisis, we stand together in denouncing the stigmatizing of our Asian fellows, and discourage the promotion of fear and disinformation. We encourage staying informed, safe and continuing to let love win.”

The Davis Phoenix Coalition produces the Davis Pride Festival, held in past years at Davis’ Central Park. It includes a fun run and culminates with a festival of music, food and support for the LGBTQ+ community. This year’s theme is “2020: Through the Lens of Courage.”

For updates, or to become a volunteer, sponsor or vendor for the fall event, visit or the Davis Pride Facebook page.

Davis Pride is produced by Davis Phoenix Coalition, a nonprofit that works to foster diversity, eliminate intolerance, prevent hate-motivated violence and support LGBTQ+ youths. The coalition was founded in the aftermath of a 2013 anti-gay attack on Davis resident “Mikey” Partida. Proceeds from Davis Pride support the coalition’s anti-bullying campaigns, and outreach with area police departments, churches and schools.


Alan Miller

um . . . everything's postponed. I think that's a safe assumption about now.

Roberta L. Millstein

Sure. But we're a community blog, and we were asked to post this, so we did. I think the info here is that Sept or Oct are being looked at as new dates. I also find the connection to AIDS relevant. Like COVID-19, certain people were stigmatized and that delayed treatment. We need to do better at learning from history.

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