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G, Q, and Deos Election Violations at Tandem Properties

By Colin Walsh

The Yolo County elections office website states, “What you cannot do at any Yolo County polling place… Campaign or discuss your vote (The state ban on electioneering within 100 feet of any polling place also applies to apparel).” This clearly includes election signs.

But these photos taken at 7:10 this morning - shortly after the polling place was open - show electioneering happening at the Tandem Properties Polling Place. A Vote Here sign has even been placed practically on top of a Yes on Q sign.

There is also a Yes on G sign prominently displayed in front of the Tandem Properties this morning.

Only a  few days ago a Linda Deos sign was displayed by the Yes on G sign, but that appears to have been moved either to the far corner of the property or to the public right of way. Signs are not allowed to be placed in the public right of way either, so this sign may still be a problem, either being on the same property as a polling place, or placed in the right of way near a polling place.

John Whitcombe one of the primary owners of Tandem Property, and the Nishi project gave Linda Deos $1,000 in this election.  Tandem is one of the largest apartment owners in Davis owning 13 complexes in Davis and on the UCD Campus including: Adobe at Evergreen, Anderson Place, Arlington Farm, Atrium at La Rue Park, Casitas, Chaparral, Chautauqua, Russell Park, Sundance, Suntree, The Colleges at La Rue, and The Willows. Measure G, Q and Linda Deos signs are also prominently placed the Tandem apartment complexes.

In a quick unscientific survey of a few other nearby polling places, no other location seemed to have signs placed as close as Tandem does.

At 8:30 am, the Yolo County Election office phone is ringing through to voice mail and a message stating the office opens at 8:00 am.

This photo taken 2/26/2020 (week before election) shows a Deos sign was moved.
This photo taken 3/3/2020 - election day - seems to have been moved from directly in front of the Tandem office to either the corner of the property or the public right of way.
The same Deos sign as above seen from the other side. Is this on Tandem Properties or in the public right of way?
[Edit 3:50pm  3/3/2020]
Jesse Salinas the Assessor / Clerk-Recorder / Chief Election Official indicated 3 signs where removed from the Tandem properties by election officials, but the Deos sign is in the public right of way and that is a City issue.
Deos Sign location
This map shows where the Deos sign has been placed in the public right of way. Jennifer Rindahl a paid staffer for the Deos campaign commented below indicating the Deos campaign placed this sign in this improper location themselves.
[edit 5:50pm the City of Davis has just informed me that they do not have anyone on call to address the issue of the sign improperly placed in the right of way.]



The rules for campaigns is that there is no electioneering 100 feet from the polling location. The Deos campaign heard on Monday that our sign was too close to this polling location and immediately sent someone to move the sign well over 100 feet from the polling location. Thank you to whoever let us know.

Colin Walsh

Jennifer, the Deos sign appears to either still be posted on the Tandem property were the polling place is or to have been moved to the public right of way. My guess is it’s in the public right of way way given it is by a bus stop and between the bike path and the street.
A better option would have been to take down the sign all together.


Years ago while voting at the Wildhorse Golf Course there were Prop 8 opponents actively approaching voters as they entered the building.

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