City Seeks Comments on Mace ARC Business Park Subsequent Environmental Impact Report
Davis Cherry Blossom Festival postponed

Ramos ARC Double Speak

2020-03-15_11-46-10Mace Business Park developer pushes for development while so many others are concerned for the effects of Covid-19 on Davis, California and beyond.

By Colin Walsh

While our community reels from school shutdowns and unprecedented uncertainty, as there are runs on essential foods at the stores, as many fear for their health or their paychecks, while we are experiencing significant economic disruption, Dan Ramos pushes on with his massive Business Park development project.

Ramos chose this time, of all times, to publish  an opinion titled, "Commentary: ARC would improve traffic conditions" in the Davis Enterprise.

Ramos chooses now to lie to us that 24,000 more vehicles from the business park on Mace every day will “improve our traffic.” Just look at all of these factors that will make the traffic so much worse from page 33 of the just released Supplemental EIR in this image.


Ramos chooses now to claim that, “local road improvements associated with the project’s buildout will improve traffic flows.” What is he talking about? The project description offered no road improvements to existing roads at all, and notice Ramos doesn’t claim the project will fund any improvements either.

Ramos chooses now to tell us that the non-existing affordable housing plan will bring “unprecedented construction of new affordable housing.” False – I was there at the Commission when Ramos’s representative said they hoped to pay in lieu fees and/or locate any affordable housing outside of the project area.

Ramos chooses now to claim that, “It will generate millions of dollars in new revenue for city needs and services,” but there is no analysis yet of the revenue generated by the current proposal.

Ramos, please for the sake of the community, give it a rest.

We don’t have time for your smoke and mirrors right now.

Mr. Ramos, there is just no time for this silliness. No time to counter all of your blatant fallacious Orwellian misinformation.

Your misleading propaganda piece today clearly demonstrates that your project must be put on hold until it can be properly vetted.



Russell Tangren

Don't forget about how the city is gifting ARC 7+ acres for the ag buffer in lieu of that land coming from the ARC.

Roberta L. Millstein

The City should be suspending consideration of projects that will have a massive impact for decades to come until such time that an adequate public review process can be restored. Period.

And yes, Ramos's article is utterly and shamelessly Orewellian.

Alan Miller

The traffic claim is pretty out there . . . but to be fair, he probably submitted this a week ago, just before the S hit the fan. Lots of things seem pretty silly right now. Just about everything.

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