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Evidence pyramid......

Dear Friends,

In science we have "stronger evidence" and "weaker evidence" as we rarely have proof.  But stronger evidence is a whole lot better than weaker evidence.  And it is more "actionable".... that is, it is something that is solid enough for us to act on.

We want our government to use the most current and robust science to make decisions.  Particularly big decisions like "sheltering in place" and closing or restricting access to parks and other amenities that have well known health promotion effects.

So, in this ongoing discussion of the corona virus/covid-19, the flu, etc, let's pay attention to the level of evidence that "experts" are using to make decisions for our society.  

And let's consider whether or not we properly fund our Federal, State, and Local public health agencies which are supposed to track illnesses (who is sick from or dying from what?) enough to actually do their jobs.



PS  Please check out the link to Evidence Pyramid.








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