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How long does it take to get results from a Corona Virus test?

Dear Friends,

Not sure how long it takes locally, but in Santa Clara County where they have tested 11,782 patients, it takes 2.27 days on average.  

On their dashboard, they call this "Average Days Turnaround Time".

Their dashboard is available at:


John Troidl


Lauren Ayers

A non-medical friend read a lot of current info on testing and summarized it. Can a medical professional look over her conclusions and offer corrections?

PCR, the COVID-19 test:
• May detect RNA— but that’s not proof that something with that RNA causes infection or symptoms.
• May test positive for the coronavirus that causes colds— which has nothing to do with COVID-19.
• The COVID-19 test doesn’t detect how much virus is in the body and if other viruses are in the body.
• They don’t know which tissue samples to take to make the test valid.
• In patients— both in the acute (serious) phase of infection or in asymptomatic patients— the test will generally detect COVID, but we still don’t know if it’s the cause.
• The test should not be used as the only evidence for clinical diagnosis.
• However, all positive tests must be reported and will be counted as COVID cases.

John Troidl

Ms. Ayers,

It is typically good to ask questions about medical tests as it may yield a greater understanding of the characteristics of the tests and their value as we try to wrap our arms around the dimensions of the corona virus situation.

Here is a concise article from a reputable source about two types of corona virus related test:


John Troidl

donna lemongello

The livescience link came up as page not found. But yes, it would be good for Ms. Ayers to get some accurate in formation, sorry I don't have a source to offer.

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