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Wow! They are going to test everybody in LA!!

Dear Friends,

I can only imagine you saw this exciting headline in the LA Times or other paper (Davis Enterprise?): https://lat.ms/3aPlyaX

L.A. County and city announce free COVID-19 testing for all residents

This is terrific!

Meanwhile, how are we doing in Yolo County?  The Health Department updates the Yolo County Covid-19 Dashboard daily.  (Thank you!).  Here it is:


The Dashboard shows that 1990 tests have been done and since we have a population of 220,500 (how did we get THAT big?!) as of 2019, that means that slightly less than 1% of the population of Yolo County has been tested.


Can we do better than that?

There have been 16 CV associated deaths in Yolo County (11 of residents of Long Term Care Facilities) and 163 confirmed cases (96 outside of Long Term Care Facilities).

So, that's 96 non-institutionalized cases in a population of 220,500.  Or .04% of the Yolo County population.  That is NOT 4% but four one hundredths of one percent.  

I am quite confident that more testing would reveal more cases... for one thing, the dashboard shows we have had cases all over the County.

Can we please do more testing?  



PS  If Yolo County does not have the resources to do SIGNIFICANTLY more testing, perhaps we could join other Sacramento Metro health districts and scale up across the region.




Eileen Samitz

Thanks for this John and I completely agree.

So what's up with Yolo County's Health Department? Why aren't more tests available yet?

Gov, Newsom said just this week that far more tests would be available now, so Yolo County needs to get a fair share of them.

John Troidl

Hey folks, did you get the announcement? The State of California is setting up CV testing opportunities in Yolo County. This is not the antibody test, it is the CV test to see if you have it.

This was just announced a few minutes ago (5:00 p.m. press release, 5:32 p.m. email.

Here is the press release:


This was great response to a number of "nudges" to get some testing done. Just post to The Davisite and see what you get!



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