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Contact tracing in Yolo County.....

Dear Friends,

Saw this interesting article about contact tracing, a key step to ending the quarantine. This article is from NPR and makes a state by state comparison on contact tracing:

The CDC briefly describes contact tracing this way:

Key Concepts

  • Trace and monitor contacts of infected people. Notify them of their exposure.
  • Support the quarantine of contacts. Help ensure the safe, sustainable and effective quarantine of contacts to prevent additional transmission.
  • Expand staffing resources. Contact tracing in the US will require that states, tribes, localities and territorial establish large cadres of contact tracers.
  • Use digital tools. Adoption and evaluation of digital tools may expand reach and efficacy of contact tracers.

Seems like our Yolo County "Roadmap to Recovery" should include a plan for contact tracing in our county.  Here is the current version of the roadmap, which is a work in progress.




Eileen Samitz


Thanks and I completely agree. What is our County Health Officer not stepping up to address these issues? For instance, the California Public Health Department released direction for face coverings to be used statewide for anyone going outdoors April 1st. So, why did it take 3 weeks for our County Health Officer to get this directive issued in Yolo County?

We need more action and it is time sensitive because, as we know, time works against us with COVID-19 and delay's in taking proactive steps, resulting with more people becoming infected with COVID-19, passing it along to even more people, and then resulting with more seriously sick people and deaths.

Our County Health Officer needs to be more pro-active and on a faster timeline. He appears to be waiting for what the Bay Area does first before he will do anything in Yolo County, which is ridiculous.

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