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Over 1,700 Signatures Collected for Petition Calling for DJUSD Special Election

YCDIE(From press release) In the span of 7 days, the Yolo Committee for Diverse and Inclusive Elections (YCDIE) collected over 1,700 signatures (1,472 of which were submitted this morning) for a petition calling for a special election to fill the seat on the Davis Joint Unified School District’s governing board that was vacated when board president, Cindy Pickett, resigned on June 30, 2020. This is in excess of the 1.5% of registered voters needed to qualify for the ballot. The vacated seat was originally filled through a provisional appointment made by the DJUSD Board of Trustees on July 2, 2020. This appointment resulted in an overwhelmingly white board that does not reflect the diversity of Davis. A successful petition will terminate that appointment and allow the voters to decide on who should fill the seat. The petition was submitted to the Yolo County Office of Education on July 14, 2020. The Yolo County Superintendent of Schools, Garth Lewis, now has up to 30 days to verify the signatures and call for a special election.

YCDIE representative, Peggy Enderle, said, “We believe strongly in the importance of representation and of allowing the public to select their representatives through a democratic process.”

Along with the petition proponents – Robb Davis, Peggy Enderle, Cathy Farman, Calvin Handy, and Jenni Biggs – over 100 community volunteers circulated the petition and gathered signatures. Volunteer coordinator, Joanna Friesner, said, “This outpouring of volunteerism reflected loud and clear that our community values, and will work towards, equitable representation on the school board.”

YCDIE’s mission is to support political candidates who will contribute to diverse elected bodies in Yolo County. Echoing this, YCDIE representative, Dzokerayi Minya said, “This effort was led by women of color and white allies. We want to continue to create opportunities for women of color to lead in politics. Seeing the community support our efforts in this way solidifies that diversity is wanted and needed.”

YCDIE is actively looking for candidates to run for various offices in Yolo County this November. Members of the public are encouraged to contact YCDIE about being a potential candidate.

Individuals who wish to donate or volunteer to support YCDIE’s efforts can contact the group at or visit its Facebook page at Checks should be made out to Yolo Committee for Diverse and Inclusive Elections at P.O. Box 2217, Davis, CA 95617. Please include a note with your name, address, and occupation as required by law.


Nancy Price

Wonderful to know that you collected so quickly the signatures needed o qualify this special election for the ballot.

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