Sierra Club Endorses Yes on Measure D
Letter: Jim Provenza for Yolo County Supervisor, District 4

DISC's Housing will NOT be "Affordable" or "Record-Breaking"

(From press release)

DISC will have Unaffordable Housing and Worsen Davis' Housing Shortage!

Saturday, September 25                         Davis, CA

  What is Measure B and the DISC Industrial Park 

Measure B is on the November 3 ballot in the City of Davis asking to annex 200 acres of Prime farmland into the City and pave it over to build a massive, sprawling industrial center and 850 housing units. The project is located on the northeast corner of 2nd St and Mace Blvd just across the street from Ikeda's Market.                  

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 DISC's Housing will NOT be "Affordable" or "Record-Breaking" 

The DISC Developer claims the amount of affordable housing at the project is "record-breaking" for Davis. That is simply NOT true for either the market-rate OR the subsized affordable housing.

  • The estimated rent for a market-rate 2- bedroom apartment will $2,500+ per month and the estimated price for a 2,200 sq ft home will be over $800,000+ and will require a $200,000+ annual salary to buy. DISC is hardly "affordable"!

  • The Developer falsely claims that DISC has the largest subsidized affordable housing project ever in Davis and will be "record-breaking". In fact, there will be 128 subsidized housing units on-site which is 14.7% of the 850 total housing units. But the West Davis Active Adult Community will have 150 subsidized senior apartments on site which is 31.6% of the 475 total units. DISC is hardly "record-breaking"!

  • The Developer claims they will provide another 28 subsidized affordable housing units elsewhere in Davis but neglects to say they can entirely avoid that obligation by instead paying a pittance in "in-lieu" fees to the City - and these units will never be built. This is misleading!

  • The Developer claims the 850 housing units at DISC will be occupied by employees at the industrial center but then they refused to require this as a condition. This means the units will be rented or sold on a first-come, first-served basis - likely to commuters from the Bay Area who won't even work there. This is deceptive!
 DISC will Worsen Davis' Housing Shortage  
  • The Developer claims DISC will help "solve" the City's housing crisis. But DISC will have over 5,000 workers when built out and only provide 850 housing units. So a minimum of another 3,000 housing units will be needed for employees who will either all be commuters or the project will induce more housing sprawl in Davis. This is dishonest!

The more we hear about DISC, the more it is clear that Davis will get the adverse impacts and none of the benefits and the Developers will get all of the profits. It's time to just say "NO"!    

VoteNoOnDISC-stripped Sierra Club endorsed


Sierra Club Endorses No on Measure B - No on DISC


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