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Letter: Colin Walsh is a team player

Walsh-photo-2I am writing in support of Colin Walsh. I’ve known Colin for many years. Here I’d like to describe the Campaign to save Russell Fields to highlight the talents he’d bring to the Council. Though the first part of a larger West Village campus project had been built, in 2016 UC Davis proposed a comparably smaller amount of housing on Intramural Toomey, Howard and Russell playing fields between A St and California Ave - a recreation area for the whole student body.

Many in the Davis community, including student athletes and campus members, reacted strongly to having this beautiful open green space – lost. Anyone driving, biking or walking by could see these fields were used and enjoyed by all for recreation, and in high-spirited competitions, tournaments, intramural sports meets, and Special Olympics. 

The success of this campaign, of which I was a member, was due in great part to the spirit of collaboration that Colin brought to it. He collaborated with students and campus members, the community-initiated Friends of Russell Fields, and successfully worked with campus administrators and planners and the City Council to save the fields and relocate the proposed housing - a win-win for us all.  In particular, Colin’s networking with students from many different intramural teams and with community members helped them organize in order to amplify their voices to save the fields. Colin is a true team player.

This personal experience tells me that Colin will bring this same spirit of inclusive collaboration and problem solving to the City Council.  Please join me in voting for Colin Walsh.

Nancy Price


Ron O

Thanks for this reminder, Nancy.

Due to their proximity to town (and visibility from Russell Blvd.), it would have been a real loss for the community (including students) had those fields been lost.

Even more so, given the existing and planned student housing along that same street.

Thanks to Colin for his efforts in saving them.

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