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Letter: Jim Provenza for Yolo County Supervisor, District 4

JIm-ProvenzaI’m honored to write this letter in support of Jim Provenza in his bid to be re-elected as our Yolo County Supervisor, District 4.

For years I’ve witnessed Jim’s passionate service to our community, from his efforts to protect Ag land and preserve the Yolo Bypass, to his work on behalf of those experiencing homelessness or struggling to find mental health resources.

I got to know Jim personally through my volunteer work with the Yolo Crisis Nursery. The Nursery serves some of the most vulnerable in our community – children 0-5 years of age whose families are in crisis. In 2019-20, 99% of the children who walked through our doors were Medi-Cal eligible, 93% came from single parent homes and 94% of those homes were headed by single mothers.

When the Nursery faced with the threat of closure in 2013, Jim was there for us. He was instrumental in keeping our doors open, ensuring that at-risk children and their families continued to receive the resources and wraparound support they needed to thrive.

His commitment to parents and children in need was once again on display at the September 1 Board of Supervisors meeting, where he proposed that $250,000 in CARES Act funding be allocated for childcare assistance, lobbying for additional childcare funding for those who could not afford it. In Jim’s own words, “a strong community starts by caring for our most vulnerable”.

For over ten years Supervisor Jim Provenza has been a principle advocate for women and children in Yolo County, committed to keeping the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community safe and their families intact. He is a man of integrity, dedication and compassion with a successful history of improving the lives of all in our community. We could not be better served.

That’s why I’m offering my wholehearted endorsement of Jim's bid to be re-elected as our Yolo County Supervisor, District 4. Please join me in supporting him.

Jane M. Eadie


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