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Letter: Re-elect Jim Provenza for Supervisor

JIm-ProvenzaSupervisor Jim Provenza is a results oriented policy-maker, and as our elected representative he doesn’t merely talk about ideas, he implements solutions and accomplishes objectives to improve our lives. In 2020, under the pandemic conditions of COVID-19, and the most severe CA Wildfire Season in history, Supervisor Provenza has re-doubled his dedicated efforts in actions, not just words.

I have worked with Supervisor Provenza in multiple capacities during his tenure as our District 4 representative, and as a 45-year fire service veteran (including Fire Chief of Davis) I am particularly impressed with his solutions on issues of a public safety concern. Supervisor Provenza is one of the most responsive, action-oriented elected officials I have ever had the pleasure to work with. As such, he has a robust catalog of accomplishments for the betterment of our constituency. A sampling of Supervisor Jim Provenza’s public safety accomplishments include the following:

  • CA Wildfire Response—strongly advocating for sustainable first-responder resources to respond, protect, and suppress the threat of fire to our community—providing real-time information to our citizens.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Response—a compelling voice for the utmost consideration of a consistent and science-based public health response to pandemic conditions and protocols for protecting our community.
  • County Emergency Manager—preserving a full-time emergency manager to oversee critical Yolo County disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.
  • East Davis Fire Protection District—representing fire protection interests for County areas in District 4, ensuring sustainable funding for fire emergency response and prevention.
  • Putah Creek South Fork Fire Fuel Reduction—bringing the County and City together on fire fuel reduction measures to fortify the wildfire safety in Willowbank.
  • Mace Blvd Citizen-based Committee—established to facilitate District 4 citizen input and problem-solving, with an emphasis towards efficient public safety response times—spearheaded the creation of an alternate solution produced by Yolo County Public Works.

Supervisor Jim Provenza is dedicated to serving our community and solving problems. His record shows that, as our elected Supervisor, Jim Provenza is committed to the highest level of integrity in serving his constituents—and accomplishes what he says he will do.

I wholeheartedly endorse the re-election of Yolo County District-4 Supervisor, Jim Provenza. Please join me in voting for Supervisor Provenza so that he can continue his good work for our District 4, and Yolo County. 

Bill Weisgerber, Fire Chief (retired)


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