Green Belt Chat with Colin Walsh on Thursday, Sept 3
Sierra Club Endorses No on Measure B - No on DISC in Davis, CA

Letter: Vote for Larry for City Council

LarryLarry Guenther is the most honest man I know in Davis.

He has the instincts of a reformer, and the energy to move reform forward. He believes that the local expertise we enjoy on our city commissions is being superseded by non-transparent decision-making at City Hall.

If you live in District 3 and want this to change, vote for Larry for City Council.

Mark Grote


Steven Kahn

What is Larry's position on DISK.


Larry Guenther

In short, I am opposed to DISC. My position on DISC is that it could be a good project, but not as proposed. The green aspects of the buildings are great, but the buildings account for about 20% of the GHG emissions of a project like this. The other 80% are from the cars that will carry the workers. I am not willing to put off the plan on dealing with that 80%. There are too many examples of 'we'll worry about that later' that didn't work. Los Angeles and the Bay Area did not get their traffic nightmares from one bad decision. Those problems occurred one development at a time. They are cautionary tales of approving impacts before dealing with those impacts. The City has declared a climate emergency. If we truly believe that, we must act accordingly. The EIR for this projects states that if built to the existing plan, the City cannot achieve its carbon reduction goals by 2040. If we believe in that goal, that single sentence should be a deal-breaker. Leveraging businesses spawned from and working with the University is an essential goal. But so are our environmental commitments. There are also - as usual - a host of statements that provide no specificity: contributions to electric shuttles and highway improvements; penalties for non-compliance with tree requirements; grade-separated bike/ped crossing; consequences for not meeting transit/traffic goals; etc. And the City's treatment of the burrowing owls shows a lack of integrity in our environmental, habitat, and open space policies. This project proposes to double the existing commercial/industrial space in Davis. It is too big to get it wrong.

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